2016 Goals

Happy New Year!!

Ever since I was a child, I have heard "New Year, New You", or maybe New Year's Resolutions?

I didn't pay much heed to a resolution.

Now that I am grown, mother of two, and into my thirties.... Guess what?

I do the same!

There is something about starting fresh, or promising to start off on a new note!

I have made some new years resolutions, if you will.

I'd like to call it my 2016 Goals.

My focus this year is..... Being Happy!

A lot happened in 2015. I am thankful for fresh beginnings, a new day and a new year!

I have focused much of my developing years (and yes, there is always room to grow!), on changing myself. I have decided, to embrace who I am, and be thankful that God created us to be our own individuals.

How do I expect my girls and family to be happy, when I am constantly doing things to become what I am not?

I am thankful that God created us with freewill and the desire to love.

May you too find yourself, and be happy with what talents you've been given- so that you may share those with others!!!

Cheers :)

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