Maci's Story

Maci is our little five year old daughter. The eldest of two girls, she loves being the center of attention, anything pink or purple, and adores anything princess or sparkly. Among several hobbies, her favorite thing to occupy her time, is a pen and piece of paper. Yes! She loves pretty much anything to do with art.

{Mommy (me) & Maci - Mother's Day 2010}

{Maci- December 2011}

July 13, 2011 will forever be branded into our minds. Maci was not feeling well for a couple of weeks prior to then. She had developed many bruises on her extremities, and had been complaining of arm pain for about one week prior.

We are not the type of parents {well used to not be!} who rush their kids to the doctors as soon as they get a runny nose, so now I feel horrible about letting it go for almost a week.

After a series of blood work, xrays, and exams, they determined Maci had Leukemia {ALL}. 
She was hospitalized for almost 3 weeks, and has since returned home.

I have stopped working to take care of her and her little sister, Makenzie, who is 4. 
We are visiting the clinic for her weekly chemo, and regular checkups.

Maci lost her hair in late November 2011.

After all this, we completely thank God for allowing us to continue to spend time here on earth with our Maci!

She has responded well to the treatments, and is expected to make a fully recovery!!

{Our family July 3, 2011. Ten days before we found out}

For more information, please visit {Maci's blog} for more details! I really enjoy writing, and keeping everyone updated!

Thanks for reading today, we cherish all your prayers!