Progress...and Some Peeks!

Here are some shots around some of the downstairs I took this morning:

-there is still a lot of work to do.
-no, we are not done with the kitchen
-yes, we are 99% sawdust free!!! (Hallelujah!)

{living room}

{little vignette}

{close ups of textures}

{close up of textures}

{other side of couch}

{full sofa wall shot}

{faux mantle wall}

{little entry wall}

{close up of vignette}

{dining room}

{open shelving on the right side}

{open shelving on the left side}

{Refrigerator/pantry wall, fun fact: we've chosen to leave the original chimney exposed, what cool things we find in remodeling!!}

{The glaring truth that is looming over our heads!!! Hopefully we will be finishing the ceiling soon!!}

Have an awesome week!



Kitchen Updates

This is where we are at:
The last photo? Keeping real!
No kitchen- isn't conducive to proper household living!!

The deadline to get everything finished?

This Friday evening!! Yes, you read that right- my husband is a keeper :)


Kitchen Update..It Gets Uglier Before It Gets Better

Okay, so we started kitchen demo last week. Yes, it took us almost 3 weeks to come to agreements on what we were going to do first, and get everything organized in our heads.

So here is what we started with:

And quickly looked like this:


So this what we have left of our kitchen!!! 

We left our sink in until later this week, when our new faucet arrives for our new sink.

All the mess is a little overwhelming, but we are surviving-

Today, the flooring is coming out. When we removed some of the cabinetry, we found out that the original hardwood was underneath!!! Wahoo! (yes, more hardwood refinishing is in our very near future!)

I'll be back tomorrow on how we are removing the two layers of sub flooring....and 3 different linoleums.

Have a wonderful day! I get to go to work, while my hubby dearest is demolishing away.


Whatcha Cookin' in the Kitchen??

After all that huge rush before Christmas, I haven't felt like doing anything other than housework.....
I was supposed to make a to-do list for us to start the beginning of February,
We've decided on updating the- 

I have so many ideas for this space, while trying to keep ourselves on a strict budget.... so it will come in baby steps-

This is how the room looked when we moved in:

I think we all can agree it's pretty outdated!! 

We did make a couple smaller changes to the room shortly after moving in (before the floor in the living room/dining room was started)
  • Stainless appliances (minus the hood fan above the range, because that will be part of our bigger kitchen remodel and why do it twice?)
  • Island table (handmade by the hubby with free wood)
  • Two pendant lights installed above the island table
  • Removing the existing faucet, replacing with a new faucet
  • Removed the scalloped edge trim piece over the sink
  • Removed one of the cabinet doors already (have placed three woven baskets on the shelves)

Now the more cluttered version looks like this:

This will be our 'short version' list for at least a month:
  •  Removing the top cabinet doors off of two of the cabinets & painting the backs of the cabinets
  •  Painting that fabulous catheter-pee-yellow color on the walls (how did yellow and brown/cream colors go together in the first place??) The color will be the same as the living/dining room
  • We have a spot for the ever-popular chalkboard wall....
  • Window treatments above the sink and the side window
  • Ceiling repaired (from removing the old flourescent light) & painted
    Cover up the wonderful one-of-a-kind cracked linoleum backsplash with beadboard
  • Removing the doors under the sink and installing a little curtain
  • Removing the tan rubber baseboard and replacing with MDF trim
  • Replacing the grill right under the sink (on the faux drawer) it's cracked
  • Maybe....Using a kit to 'reface' the countertops (until we can replace with something we really want!)
  • Maybe...either painting the existing cabinet handles, or replacing with an antique-oil rubbed bronze look
  • Raise those pendant lights to the proper height...
  • Install a cute funky industrial light above the kitchen sink (something that won't compete with my pendants above the island)

I wont bug you with the long term goals for now, because they wont happen until at least next year.

Here is some spaces I've seen for my inspiration:

Did have one question...
Have you, or anyone you've known, painted over existing formica countertops?

Did it last? Look like a million bucks... (cough cough) or did it look like you just painted the countertops????

Thanks in advance for your advice :)


Easy *DIY* Chandelier Makeover

About two hours before our Christmas Eve party, I was doing my last minute decorating/cleaning/preparing...

The hubby and I were discussing how we wish we would just take the time to order new chandelier candle covers for our dining room chandelier... (which we scored on Ebay like 2+ years ago for $30).

The white plastic ones just looked so cheapy...

I've secretly coveted Joan's chandeliers with the little candle covers for a long time.

So, me being the 'dig in the drawer, scrounge around, use what I found, last minute' type of person I am (sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't). I found an unused spool of jute type string.

I had a 'ah-ha!' moment!

You will need:

1) spool of jute cording/string from the craft store
2) hot glue gun
3) scissors (to cut your string)
4) your candle covers
5) 45 minutes of time

So here my chandelier went from this:

These are my supplies...minus my hot glue gun and scissors

This is how I started my jute

Continuing to wrap it down the cover

And after 9 of them? Ta-da!

Love it! 

*small disclaimer... we've been using the light for a week and a half and the hot glue hasn't been effected by the lights on. (these are 40 watt regular chandelier bulbs)

I'm sure you could take this idea and run with it! 
Imagine the possibilities?!

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Have a wonderful weekend!



Happy NEW YEAR!!!

We have received good news last week...as explained here...

Here are some quick snapshots of around the living room yesterday...

We are really enjoying our newly finished (as in remodeling) space!

We decided for the month of January, we were going to take a break. Everything is pleasantly livable...(just not pretty!!) So I'll have fun tweaking tabletop arrangements and such....well maybe :)

We are trying to decide what we'll tackle next....but we have plenty of time!

Happy Thursday to you!!

Warmest wishes...