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Have a wonderful weekend!!!


A Beautiful Morning

This is not something I try to broadcast...but I generally stay up so late that I miss alot in the *ahem* mornings! My youngest and hubby are all about getting up early...but my oldest and I are...well....enjoyers of the cozy beds in the morning!
So yesterday we found out our furnace expired and we get a new gas one {hopefully soon} So we spent the night at my mom and dad's last night.

ALLLL that to say...I was so surprised, I got up at 5:07 this morning! I tried to stay up to watch the Royal Wedding...but alas fell asleep with Makenzie so...I had to watch clips. Oh well! I got to see her dress and snippets of things {I loved seeing the Beckhams!...I think they are my favorite celeb couple!!}

Since my flowers happened to be pink...I am linking up with Tricia over at A Rosy Note's Photo Friday Link Party, and also linking to Feathered Nest Friday!

So now to my post, I took some pretty pictures of some flowers I bought for my mom yesterday, and we put them in a vase last night.

I am experimenting with all this photography stuff. I don't really know what I am doing, but I can say I am having some fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I am sending a special thank you to all you new guests to my blog! I am such a rambler, and I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read what I try to say!!!

Have a great weekend!!


A WonDeFuL giveaway!

I have been following Tracey's blog over at French Larkspur for a while now! She has a beautiful style. I love reading her posts and looking at her pictures she posts!

PLUS! I love Anthropologie's mugs! Right now for the next couple of days, Tracey is offering a set of 8 {yep..that's right!!} mugs to a lucky reader! Head over and check her blog out and enter to win the giveaway yourself!
{Picture Source: French Larkspur}



Forget clothes, shoes, purses, etc. Lately I've been dreaming ALL about house stuff! We are in the process of saving for our down payment, and will be able to put offers on something the end of next month. I am estastic. I can't wait! It has been a long journey. I'd like to say I've learned alot, but don't ask my husband, or my mom about how I've learned to save money. They will tell you the truth. I could've had MUCH more but certain things I can't live without! With what money I want to spend on a house, I will definately be fixing it up. Most likely before I can even move in! So why not do it up the way you want the first time?? I am definately a DIY person, or get ideas and try and find something similar, for cheaper! We do have our eye on something a block over from where we are living now, but it needs some MAJOR work! I am not even kidding. So one of the first projects that is of importance for me {after demo-ing, and cleaning} would be the kitchen. Here are some photos for inspiration that I've been looking at. **Disclaimer I am not the kind of person to do something all in one style or way. I like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. In my head {scary!} though it all makes sense. Knowing myself and my mom :) the way I do,  I know it will all come together!
{source: love the lines and simplicity..but to much stained wood for my taste}

{source: I have a clock similar to this. I've been dreaming of putting in on a hood mantle above my range/stove}

{source: love the distressed white cabinets with the darker island and the pendents above the island}

{source: I think this is my favorite as far as the creamy white color with the potted plants. Of course I am in love with the range and hood mantle!}

{source: a little to yellow for me but like the softness in colors and the cozy warm feeling!}

{source: a little too country for me, but I do want a creamy distressed cabinet with a stained wood/ or pine island...I already have a gorgeous pine armoir that will be placed in my new kitchen...where ever that will be!}

{source: another example of some pine with the creamy white! Love the cabinets...except my colors would be reversed! Light cabinets/dark island}

{source: another example}

{source: I love the finish on this light!! Would definately be looking for something similar, but cheaper!!}

{source: I love the different elements in this room!}

{source: another example of shopping for something cheaper...and its probably a little to much for what I want, I just thought it was adorable!!}

Hope you all have a wonderful day! I am off to work...


Easter Weekend

I don't know about you, but we had a great Easter Weekend! Saturday's weather was absolutely gorgeous {probably the hottest so far this year..LOL!} Sunday?? Rain!! Yup Washington at it's finest! I thought I'd share with you some of the highlights of our weekend.

{Easter Morning at church}

Saturday, my mom, sister and I, took the kids to Northwest Trek. The girls {Maci, Makenzie and Haylee}
had a blast. I don't think the baby {Troy} cared one way or another!

{Guess Maci was pretty stoked about getting out of the car!}

{My sister, Haylee, Troy, Maci, Makenzie, and myself}

{Sarah & Troy...look at his blue eyes!!}
{Can you see the animal??}

{Maci and Kenzie getting up close and personal, and no that's not alive!}


On Sunday, we went to church and the girls participated in the candy rain
{Holding hands and sharing their candy!}

 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Giving a shoutout to Jennifer and her family over at Dear Lillie. Congratulations on baby Lorelei Wren!! She arrived Friday and she is a doll!!! 


My Easter Tabletop

I {finally} took the time to deck out my dining room table!
I am linking this post to:

I started with an idea in my head, and tried attempted to tie it in with my other decor. I have been decorating with strong/darker colors my whole life {{um..I'm only 27!}}. So anyways, I did a little searching through my cupboards and china cabinets and this is the things I came up with. {Also ended up rearranging and decorating the dining room hutch and entire living room}.

I take all my own photos. I know absolutely pretty much next to zero about photography. All I know is some most people probably have a much nicer camera then mine. So I'm apologizing ahead of time for what these looked like. I was pretty excited about how it came out, I hope you can see or get some glimpse of what I see in real life on the computer screen!!

If you are reading this and know something about cameras, maybe you can help me out by letting me know what a decent camera is. I don't have a clue. What I'm using is a Canon something that cost me around 160 buckaroos 3 years ago.

OKAY!!! Back to what this is all about!!

Okay this fabric kinda kicked off the whole thing {not to mention my dining room table and chairs are black}. Along with white tulips. With it being easter and all, I pretty much edited my idea in my brain as I went.

Table Runner was made up of a strip of the lightest burlap I had on hand.

I also had the anthropologie white and black mugs along with the alphabet glass balls and a few other black and whites:

See how I used that B & W toile?? I 'stacked' a strip on top of my ivory/white cloth napkins.

{{Sorry about the white glare...I think I committed a big photography sin with improper lighting.}}

{{you can find this awesome He Has Risen download from Dear Lillie here}}

The newly rearranged china cabinet in the dining room...yes that piece on the second shelf is authentic milk glass!! I LOVE it!

This next photo is a close up of the top of the piano in the living room.
I attempted to do paper mache eggs {in one of the apothecary glass jars} with tissue paper from Walmart...they have some awesome black and white/ivory tissue in the gift wrap aisle for only 1.00!!

I also could resist sneaking these photos in:

Taken today...she was trying to help me rearrange furniture...

I know I posted a similar picture, but I found this one on my camera..the previous was taken with my phone. I love the snuggling pose!

Thank you for letting me post Tricia @ A Rosy Note!!
If you haven't checked her blog out, you should! She has great talent with photography!
I need to take the time to see the tips she posts about taking photos!

I hope you all have a blessed Easter!!