GIVEAWAY Time and a Big Sale! {Dear Lillie}

This is one of my favorite blogs. I love Jennifer's decorating style and enjoy reading what she posts! This is the last day Dear Lillie's etsy shop will be open until late August. If you have never read or heard of her blog, you should head over and check it out, become a follower, and follow the intructions to be entered into her giveaway!
Here is a few pictures of around her house, and her daughter, Lillie! Hope you enjoy looking through her blog as much as I have! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Dear Lillie: GIVEAWAY Time and a Big Sale!: "I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It has been so nice having my mom here, although poor Lillie has been sick so we haven't really been..."


Our First Sale!!!

Boy this week has been fun! {In all seriousness!!} I am kidless for the weekend, my husband took my babies to see their grandma and grandpa in Oregon. Our church had a Ladies Conference about 30 minutes away and we had service last night, spent the night in the hotel, and got up early {?} this morning for another service. It was a great time and fellowship with our friends {making new ones!}

So what does this have to do with Velveteen Rabbit? I'm slowly rambling there! We set up and sold some of our stuff we've been compiling, and staying up till 1, 2 {maybe 3} in the morning for the last several weeks! I had alot of fun. So here is some pictures of our little table...sadly this is the mock-up before the conference, and I was so frazzled I didn't get around to snapping some pics in action!

By the way, the conference was AWESOME! Next year if you are in the area, you definately should attend. There is some great life changing inspiration brought out from the Bible. The lady that taught this year and last {hopefully in the future too!} Outdid herself. She is an awesome speaker, has two little children, loves God, plays the piano and sings beautifully unto the Lord! I know I'm not describing her like she is in person...you must attend and find out for yourself!

Main Display Table

Our 'Cinderella' {as Makenzie calls her} with our pillow slips on it

Close up of our shoe clip display

Some of our smaller pillows pre stuffed, we changed our mind and displayed these in a vintage suitcase...it looked much nicer!

Remember Ladies, next week, Friday April 1st,  is the Grand Opening of our little Etsy shop!!! It's open now, but there is nothing listed!
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!
God Bless You!!!


Miss Mustard Seed: $100 Giveaway from Gift Card Rescue

Awesome Giveaway!!!!
You should hop over and see her wonderful blog...oh and enter to win!!
Miss Mustard Seed: $100 Giveaway from Gift Card Rescue: "Have you ever had a gift card on hand that you really don't want to use? Let's say you get a gift card to Victoria's Secret, which is ..."


Welcome Spring!!!!

Ahhhhh! Spring is FINALLY here!! The weather today {here} was simply beautiful and was a wonderful introduction to the new season! I do enjoy the perks of every season, but something about Spring, with everything 'waking' up gives a sense of excitement and new birth!! To welcome in the new season, we all do a little something like spring cleaning, re organize {ahhh!}, change things up a little, re decorate :).  Here are some photos and color schemes {think greens and white!} to think about!
Green moss sphere atop something white or silver {courtesy of my dining room}

Birds Nest with Eggs! (I have a few smaller nests on my dining room table as a centerpiece...super spring-y!)

How about a Happy Easter banner found here

Check out this shop off etsy! Tons of cute easter/spring accessories for the whole family!
Don't want to spend alot of money on decorations for just a little while? Try placing some cherry blossoms or willow branches (if you don't have access to some...make your own) shown in a vase like this:

How about some easy DIY half day projects to get you started? Check out this link for some ideas!

So there you have it! Hope you find something that catches your eyes! This is what a little sunshine and temperatures over 55 degrees will do to me! Be sure to check back within the next couple of days. I went thrifting today....and got a couple of small things I am super excited about fancy-ing up alittle, then showing you!

Have a great 'Springy' Sunday!!


Chandeliers prints and art....Oh My!!!

I am so in love with Chandeliers.....OH MY! Here are a few shots to inspire you :)
These adorable chandelier themed wall arts would be perfect just about anywhere in the home....

Or throwing a party? How about this chandelier cupcake stand?

Hmmmm if you're not committed to hanging a chandelier light fixture, then what about putting a removable vinyl wall sticker?

Or you can find this super cute handmade pillow slip in our Etsy shop April 1st!!!
Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to save the date!
Off to make dinner for the family!


What We've Been Working On This Week....{and a surprise announcement!!!}

It's starting to warm up around here!! I think spring is finally coming! This picture reminds me of spring time.

This is what we've (my mom and I) have been working on this week. I went ahead and snuck in a few pictures of my kiddos (who also 'helped' too this week!!).  We have been working hard trying to get some things ready for our first selling expedition!! We are going to have some things available to purchase at our church's Ladies Retreat March 25th and 26th. But for our special announcement? We will be launching our etsy shop April 1st! We are nervous and excited at the same time. We've gathered some vintage items and burning the sewing machine up. I can't speak for my mom, but I'm enjoying spending the time with my mom and my kids at the same time!! So here's a sneak peak of what we've been doing for the last couple of days!
{Vintage Hat Pins}

{Toile Apron}

{Some of our handmade pillows}
{My helper peeking at me through the blinds!}
{Maci and Makenzie the other day while we were sewing}

So there you have it!!


What I'm Lovin' Right Now!

I have always liked peacocks since I was a little girl!!!!! I like the striking colors in their feathers, and of course the pretty 'eye'.

One of my regular customers, in fact, updates me on his 'adopted' pet peacock!! He lives in a neighborhood close by here, and says this bird loves his back deck and several other neighbors yards too!! Anyways, I loved their feathers so much that I used them throughout my wedding decor and continue to decorate with them throughout my home in arrangements and vignettes!

My grandmother and my mother use them too to decorate (my grandma has a stuffed one in her entryway). Here is a few shots of how we use them around the house, hope you enjoy them!
Sorry! I am having a little too much fun editing pictures! But this is an arrangement with a you-know-what stuck in the middle!

Peacock feathers aren't just for decorating your home in! How about wearing them??
You can find this beautiful top here.
I wouldn't mind wearing this scarf...
Or these shoes.... (obviously not all together!!)
I LOVE this purse!!
Okay!!! Well That's that! I hope you enjoyed it! Come back tomorrow I have some exciting news to share!



Hey! Thank you everyone for posting on my (our) new blog! I do hope you find something throughout this journey to inspire your minds! ;) I am new to all this and I am so excited for all that's going on in my families life! Annnnnnyyyways! Here is the winner.....drumroll *(please)*:
(I tried to copy the image from random.org but can't get it figured out!)
Please send me your contact information and I will get your goodies in the mail!

Thank you everyone for participating....Next giveaway will be around the time we open our etsy shop!
Stay tuned!


Last Chance to Participate in the Giveaway!!!!

Today is the last chance to participate in the giveaway. How do you participate? Follow the directions listed in this post. Winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon. If you are on facebook, please share this post!
All day today we are sewing...pictures to come later! I am so excited about what we are working on! The weather is making me NOT want to sew, but go outside and play! But alas...I have TONS of work in front of me. I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday!
Here are some photos of inspiration!!
French Country Bedroom (Love the bed!)
Living Room-that's my dream couch!


Who wouldn't want to sleep in that bed!!! I am super like that bed crown! (The chair is pretty cute too!)

Ahhh! I am a warm color person...Like!!!

My absolute favorite architectual part in homes: Archways. My house I am living in now has beautiful archways similar style and coved ceilings... I really like the feel it gives a home. Very elegant but cozy at the same time!
If you want somemore great decorating inspiration please visit the Better Homes and Garden website!
Okay now to the sewing machine!!