Bringing A Little Sunshine Inside!!

Well if you live in the western part of Washington State, you probably know that the sun is been pretty spotty lately!! I really enjoyed this last weekend. I got to spend a whole two full days with my family!! On Sunday we drove up to Bellevue and stopped by Whole Foods Market. It was a lovely store. I noticed the fresh flower area and instantly gravitated towards it! {much to my husbands dismay!!} I picked up these beautiful sunflower stems for a great buy...and thought I would do {yup} another tabletop display. It so happens that today is Tuesday and it's a fabulous link up party over at Marty's blog...A Stroll Thru Life.

I placed the sunflowers in one of my ironstone pitchers, and dug around my fabric box and came up with this lovely...burlap garland. It's perfect width for what I wanted...just simple and cozy.

I placed a little grouping of odd objects on both sides, this side is one of my wicker balls, an odd silver lid type thing, and a moss ball.

The other side is a wrought iron pineapple finale, a faux artichoke, and a flocked fleur de lis jar candle.

This shot was just for fun!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your families creating memories!!



Happy Memorial Day!!

"Many are enjoying a day off Monday, attending barbecues, and taking advantage of Memorial Day sales, but don't let the true meaning of this day get lost in those picnic plans. Memorial Day was never created to be a day of celebration. It was created to remember and honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice."   - Author                                 

This weekend was a long but eventful one!! Remember in my last post I mentioned my brother was planning to propose to his GF? Wellllll.... She said yes!!!!!

I am excited to get another sister!!

Saturday was wellll work alllllllll day.
Sunday was church in the morning, then we had a wonderful afternoon spending time as a little family!! {With work and all this is a rare treat}.

This is my girls this morning, we are just chillin around before we head up to the church for a little picnic-ing and baseball...

Hope you all have an enjoyable day!!!




Vintage Flower Shots & Preschool Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I haven't been home much lately...I think my blogging adventures are going to be slow throughout the summer. It just keeps getting busier and busier {good thing!!} at work.

Today's post is pretty simple. I enjoy linking up to Tricia's {A Rosy Note} Photo Feature Friday.
Every week she has a themed link up party. They are a lot of fun! I know next to nothing about photography and I enjoy looking at her beautiful photos, along with everyone else's that participates!

The theme this week is flowers. I do love fresh flowers. In case you haven't noticed {if you have read the last few posts} it seems to be the focal point!! Sorry!

Moving right along!! Today is the girl's last day for the school year at preschool. I wanted to do something original as an appreciation gift for the three awesome teachers at their school. I tried and tried to think of what to do....and didn't want to add to their mug collection!! :)

Well time passed quickly and didn't have enough of it to do what I really wanted to do...so they recieved each a cute little card with some Maci and Makenzie original artwork, a WONDERFUL smelling jar candle....and flowers!! {you're wondering...wow that original!!}.
BUT!! I wrapped the stems in burlap garland...and tied them with a bow!! They did end up looking cute!!

I did have a few stems left to play with after I was done 'flower bundle-ing' so this is what I ended up with...

{I've had the 'jardin' pot for several years and just figured out what it meant!!! So smart...I know!}

I do love the vintage twist good ole' photo editing can give it!! {works wonders!!}

Hope you all have a wonderfiul Memorial Day Weekend....

Tonight will be fun for us...my brother is planning on proposing to his girlfriend!!!
{{Hope she'll say yes!!}}
Our church youth group will be going on a formal cruise..

Pictures to follow




I do love me some white...but as you can probably tell I haven't done alot of decorating with it.
It's been such gorgeous weather the last couple of days, I felt like doing a little something to bring some sunshine inside!

Tulips and pompoms...and some 'stolen' weeping willow twigs {well...borrowed, thanks Mom!!}
And right after I took the photos the powdered doughnut holes...wellllll they are no longer there!

The silver candleabra is from my mom's wedding...28 years ago!

I love fresh flowers!!

Another shot...

I am planning on linking this to Faded Charm's 100th White Wednesday

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!
Off to work now.



Where I've Been Lately...

{{I've been in hiding for the last couple of weeks}}....

I haven't been doing any decorating, sewing, crafting lately. This is where I've been.....

Work!! This is our family business.
I've been a glorified waitress since I was 12.
I am not posting this to drum up business or anything! I am simply telling you about what takes up about 75% of our time!

My parents {or my dad} had a dream for a long time about opening a restaurant. He loves BBQ and can cook too! So...in 1995 we opened our first little spot in downtown Sumner. {I don't have any pictures at the moment}.

In 2005 we relocated {North Sumner}.
My working family consists of, My Dad, Mom, Me, Sister, Brother.

On any given day, you walk in the office this pretty much what you'll find:

Yep, that's my big little brother surfin the web. If my dad were to catch him on the computer...he would say, "Here's my kids hard at work again!"
We get off the computer our rearends and get back to work...

Only 10 minutes later to find my dad....surfin' the web!!
Ha! We won't go there!

So here is some pictures of our place.

The Banquet Room

The Banquet Room

The Banquet Room

Yep...this ole boy is hangin over your head while you're enjoying some delicious slow cooked Brisket!!
{{I've made fun of him ever since my mom had the bright idea of decorating the banquet room with him!}}

Now on to the simplest-but my most favorite, and one of the most asked about part of the decorations...
These around 12 foot doors dividing the banquet room and dining room.

The other side:

The Dining Room Side

I can't remember the whole story behind them, but my grandma and mom found them in an antique store somewhere and my mom had them re painted. {they were extremely old...she just had them touched up}
If the restaurant ever goes down...then I'm claiming these doors! {{Just a joke Mom!!}}

Dining Room

Tried to break up the commercial ceiling look with the old pressed tin look...
Twas a looong day in hand painting those tiles to match the huge old doors...

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

{Faith, Family & Friends handpainted by my Grandma's art teacher}

The Dining Room

Notice all these antique hutches?

Where all the action takes place!!
You got it!
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood!?

Cherry wood...

Yes we serve all these!!
Coke, Homemade Sweet Iced Tea, and Homemade Peanut Brittle

Remember the office/brother picture?
This is what he lives off...

{If he reads this, I'm sure I'm done for...}

I took this sometime last week, preparing to do a post about something, and don't know what happened to all the rest of my pictures....

My living room
{where I come home to!...}

Sooo that's a peek inside my life right now....Thank you for taking the time to look at ALL these pictures!!

Have a great day!!


Family Weekend &"Moore" House Inspiration

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with your moms, or special people in your life!
We spent Saturday in Oregon with Josh's mom and family, then spent all day today with my mom and family.

{{My wonderful parents}}

I love my mom!!

One of the many things I inherited from my Mom is her decorating bug. We both love decorating our house, and setting up tables and parties!
As the day approaches {to buy a house}...I am completely thinking {well not totally} about house decorating....sorry!!

I am so happy I discovered blogging {or blog-land}. I have found a tremendous amount of information and inspiration. I still have my own ideas, but when you are like me-yeah that's scary! Anyways I love a bunch of different elements from different types of styles. Traditional style has always been the more dominant style, but I have found so many awesome ideas, and can't wait to put all these 'inspirations' into play.

For instance a couple of months ago I found the main wall color I would like to put in my 'next' house, thanks to Dear Lillie!!

Go check out the pictures of her house. I love her decorating style, and especially the nursery she just finished for her brand new baby!  The walls are...you guessed it! BM Alexandria Beige.

I love this idea. I am smitten with chandeliers, and the vintage twist of black and white.
I am sorry I don't remember where I found these....to give the photo credit.

This has been one of my biggest challenges in my head. My furniture colors. Currently I have a pretty cute/awesome dining room table and chairs. Even better it was given to me {thanks Mom}. So if I like it, and nothing is wrong with it, except the top of the table needs to be sanded and repainted {enters hubby!!..joking I will be doing it myself} Why replace it?? So I decided to pair the warm cozy wall color, with black and white..or more antique creamy white...

I love the lines in this bedroom except with a little darker color on the bedroom.

 I really would like to use touches of these fabrics throught the house too.

Okay that's all for now! Have a wonderful rest of your day! Hopefully it won't take me as long to post again. Work is starting to get pretty crazy!



What's for Breakfast?

I love setting my table {as you can tell!!} My poor husband and kids...they can't touch {{usually}} the table when it's all set up.

What's better than strawberry shortcake and oranges in the morning?? {{wellll.....}}

Our house loves sweets and fruits. We "try" not to indulge much {{the sweet's part}}

We do go through ALOT of fruit!

You might remember my Easter Tabletop??

I thought I would reuse the burlap for this one, and tried a few different textures.

I found the pillar candlestick at the Goodwill for only 1.99 {I made it into a temporary pedestal for the shortcake by setting a dinner plate on top}.

I am excited about the ceramic container that my strawberries are in!
I've seen it at GW the last 3 times I have been there, and finally decided to grab it on my last visit {it was meant to be!}
I saw similar ones at Anthropologie the last time I visited them {a small ceramic container set you back 24.99!...this one was a rough 3.99!}

Yes that's an old Bible!!

We've had it forever. I think someone gave it to my husband. I placed it on the table because...well I wanted to and it's a part of our morning routine! Can't start the day right without reading The Word!

Close up of one end: vintage silverware/serving pieces

The other end of the table {{love my black 'H'}}

My thrown together flower arrangement in my GW soup tureen {5.99}

What's the green 'blobs' in my flowers??

Yup! Broccoli! I ran out of filler flowers and combed my fridge!

Couldn't resist!! Maci Rae right outta bed this morning....

Have a beautiful day!!