Busy Happenings!!

Hello Friendlies!!!!

I've been back to work, and my house is no longer the subject of my scrutiny!!!! {clarifying...redecorating....cleaning it is ALWAYS under scrutiny....much to the relief of my little family!}

We are getting ready to head to sunnier skies {well warmer, because the sun has been shining the last couple of days around here} Our destination may or may not have something to do with big black ears!!!

I'll save a few pictures to share!

Thank you to Jami from Freckled Laundry for featuring my shower curtain project!

...and yes....my bathroom shelves are still waiting to become pretty. 

There has been some minor switching arounds that I started, before I went back to work, that will be shared as soon as we get home!

Thank you again for all the wonderful comments on my bedroom redo!! We definitely are enjoying a pretty room to snooze in:)



Bathroom Progress

I know this has been a long, drawn out process, and I am almost done {yay!}.

Here I posted my before photos.

Here is my inspirational photos.

I decided to forgo the gray theme I originally wanted to do {didn't really fit the rest of what I had going on throughout the house.}

I saw this shower curtain over here.

The post came at the right time! {because yes, I am a copy cat!}

Also, after 2 & 1/2 years of living here, I grew tired of huge puddles of water leaking out from the sides, and the overspray was making everything wet...because I had a standard size shower curtain.

Yet, I had a small dilemma. My shower/tub opening is larger than your standard. 

It was interesting to learn most shower curtains are 72x72.
Hence, in order to fix my 'issues' I needed to custom make my curtain.

I kept the existing shower curtain rod, and sewed up an ivory queen sheet.

{from Target}

Mine? Well this sheet is 94 x at least 94 if not more...because I sewed up the length to allow for the rod opening.

I also had quite the collection of antique doilies. {thanks to my slight hoarder problem!}

I tried hand sewing them on....not so easy!
...would've taken me until I was 30, at the rate I was going!

So I introduced myself to 'heat and bond' {I've never used it before!}

The whole ironing/bonding process took longer than I want to take {about 3 hours}, but hey! It's finished!

As for my shower curtain liner? I haven't been able to find one that is long/wide enough, so I have safety pinned the liner a little lower on the inside of the curtain...It kinda works, for now. 
Hey! No water leakage anymore!

Here is more bathroom pictures:

Set of four bird/botanical type prints that add just the right amount of color!

I really love the window set up...
Little finale hung above the window for 'something extra'
Four little Target bud vases filled with some dried 'horton hears a who clover' left over from Christmas.
{note to self...take the window/curtain rod brackets off! They were here when we moved in}

From the door {yes this is our little bathroom...the only one!}

Progress....if you saw in the 'before' photos...this is definitely progress...I just randomly shoved things here...I need to pack them away in my extra decor tub, just haven't done that yet {L.A.Z.Y!!}

Hubby made these shelves from wood remnants...can say his wood hoarder pile has diminished greatly since he's made all these wonderful little projects for me!

I do have a plan! It just will involve..time and effort! Oh, and maybe some paint :)

Thank you everyone for all your sweet comments on my bedroom! I am definitely in love!

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Have a wonderful weekend!!



Bedroom Reveal!!!!!!

Ahhh! This past weekend, we were busy painting, and refurbishing.

So, I guess this would be my bedroom 'reveal'.

To see the before {scary!!} photos, click here.

Can you see the difference???

Here is my desk shot I shared last time. I moved this chair into the living room, and brought this chair in. I like both chairs about the same, but the black one provides just enough contrast for me between the white mirror and white desk corner {plus it's bonus the old stripes match the top of my nightstand!!}


Here is my dresser... I am in love with armoires!! Perfect for so many things. 

It is one of the few items in this house that hasn't been attacked by my paint brush!!
The color really complements some of the touches in the room, and reminds me of scrubbed pine...{maybe it is??}

Here is what we... I mean hubby did to the bed.

First I painted over the very dry, horrible varnish with my trusty white paint.

Hubby then cut off the little wood knobs on the posts of the foot board.

To beef up the headboard, he took two spindles and attached them to either side of the headboard...

{where did the glass knobs come in??} I forgot we had bought two glass door knobs for our first house....years ago. Well...after some jimmying up...they are now our finales on our bed! I will give my hubby the credit on that one.... It so happens that the other furniture in the room all are adorned with glass knobs! {this is what 'makes' the bed for me!} perfect amount of glitz!!


I am so excited to say we spent literally no money fixing this room up.....

Bed {{20....about a year and a half ago, thrift store find}}
Striped nightstand {{0....my mom gave to me}}
Sign above bed {{0...the wood was from the neighbors}}
Little desk {{0...hubby built onto an old nightstand we've had for years}}
Lamps {{0....already had}}
Armoir-we use for my dresser {{already had, hubby uses built-ins with the house for all his stuff}}
All decor accessories {{already had, just painted items, and re arranged}}

I already had all the painting supplies from past projects. 
My husband is so thankful that I am back to work {as of yesterday!} I no longer have energy to change everything around once a week {ha!}

Thank you to all of you sweet people who have been praying for Maci! She started kindergarten today! I will be updating her blog later this evening. She was so excited to go to school, and she {we} adore her teacher!

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{She has a gorgeous home and I hope to be like her when I grow up!!}

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Bedroom & Updates...

I've been flying around here trying to get all our my major projects done before I return to work. Things have been pretty much insane in our household the last week or so. Next Tuesday is when I stop being an at home mommy, and back to work I go.

I have such mixed feelings about this whole thing. I really really enjoyed staying at home with my babies. I've never been a stay-at-home mom until Maci's condition forced me to stay at home. Incase you didn't know {I don't talk about it much, if at all} My family has a barbecue restaurant. I was twelve when my parents opened. Naturally, I've been working there for over half my life. It's been such a blessing to our family, and many customers have become like family. They've watched my siblings and I grow up, attending graduations, weddings, baby showers, etc. I miss them all too!

I'm really excited that everything has turned out...Maci will be starting Kindergarten next week, while Makenzie was able to return to her preschool {that she and Maci were enrolled in last year}.

These past eight months have really been life changing, and I will cherish the memories and lessons for the rest of my life!

So a long time ago, I posted nightmarish bedroom before photos. I then followed a little while later with progress photos. Sadly, I am still in progress mode, but I'll show a little more 'progress' photos!!

{{My biggest issue}}

Please excuse this photo! It is sheet change day around here, along with the laundry folding! As of right now? The laundry is all put away!!

The real reason I haven't really shown my bed??? I honestly don't care for it much. My hubby and I found it a long time ago at a thrift store for $20. I am in love with the foot board, but not so much the headboard.  This Saturday however we have major plans for it. Hopefully it will help me like it more. {would like to give the poor thing a chance!}

I don't like the blingy white of the sign either. I have plans for that bugger too!! Wish us luck! I hope to see this room finished soon!

Enjoying the beautiful sunny shine here in the PNW!!! Makes housework all the more easier!!