Switcharoos...and Thank You!!

Okay! So like I mentioned in my previous post, I have been switching things up in my house!! I can't seem to leave things alone for very long!!

If you'd like to see some before photos of my living room, you can check here.

Here is my 'new' gallery wall: {like Maci's little heart garland? She's got my crafty bug...totally!!}

 And that love seat? Have plans for something along these lines:

The couch in it's new home:

 My experimental love pillow for v-day...

My new shelving that was put in the blank wall in between the front door and the dining room archway, {new as in, has been in storage for the last 3 years and just remembered I had them!} We-or I house-shopped for knickknacks....or dust collectors :)

A peek at what's to come {and yes, we currently do not have a functioning dining room table...thanks to me! I do hope to work on it this next week...}

And a special Thank you to my friends from:


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I do have to apologize...{I don't know what it all means}...I obviously need to find out!! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!! Off do finish more tweaking!! 



I Have Issues...

I diagnosed myself with a problem....

I have CRAD......

Complusive. Re-Arranging. Disorder!

Am I alone?

In the midst of all my chaos in life, I like to make myself a little more work!!

I LOVE to rearrange, repaint, redecorate EVERYTHING!!!

My problem is being bored, I guess. {as if two children and all their stuff, a home to keep clean and orderly, church, and just life isn't enough!!}

I found I just can't sit still!!!

So! When I am in the middle of projects {like right now I have no dining room table, due to the fact that I decided I didn't like it white anymore...and I wanted it to look a little like this....}

And my living is torn apart, because I wanted a furniture arrangement with personality...{which involves taking down everything off the walls...etc}

Today? I am off re-hanging my frames, and art stuffs on the walls!!! {please help me pray I won't rearrange anything for a while!?} Dreaming of something like this:

Hope the rest of your Sunday is blessed!!!! 



Bedroom Progress!!!

Yay!! We spent most of the day this past Saturday painting furniture and rearranging our bedroom. It is by no way finished..but hopefully these photos will try and erase those awful before photos...I posted on the Nester's Home Goals 2012 party!!

I only wish we could paint the walls...someday we'll have a house we can paint to our hearts content!


Josh took a day a few weeks ago and converted an old nightstand into a little desk for us...

He originally painted it {an unusual} shade of brick/red/brown.....ummm!!!

You can see a peek of the color here:

I still have to do something with the bed... we have an idea of what we want to do above the headboard...most likely this weekend.

Haven't decided if I will paint the lamp white....maybe/maybe not

We also worked on making our version of pelham boxes {saturday}...just using free lumber from one of our neighbors...I am pleased with how they turned out...though I most likely will be painting them a softer white. 

My desk tray...

A couple close ups of the desk.. painted white with touches of a gold paint I had...along with some sanding to distress:

Off to finish dinner and get the grocery list together... a huge winter storm is expected to blow through tonight....need to get my pantry stocked...just incase!!! 

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The Last 6 Months...What Cancer Has Taught Us!

As I was washing dishes this morning...it dawned on me!!
Today is special for two different reasons:
  1. It's been 21 years since I've found Jesus...I was seven years old. Still remember that Sunday night very clearly!! It's been a wonderful life.
  2. Today marks six months since Maci was diagnosed. Wow! Tears are streaming down my face as I am writing this.

Our family has changed, grown, accepted, denied, learned....so much!
Six months??? What in the world! I was 27, Josh was 33...I remember {still think sometimes} thinking...We are all WAY to young to have a child with cancer!
Now? I'm proud! We are surviving, we are growing, we are changing, we are BECOMING stronger.

Please don't think this has been an easy past six months!!! It by far has been the toughest of my life {I'm sure Josh's too}.
We've been forced to depend, trust, wonder, pray where the money would come to pay normal living expenses. Thank GOD! He answers prayers. When He answers...He ANSWERS!!
Yeah! We've definitely learned:  With God ALL things are possible.

Amongst building faith, trusting in God, and heart lessons, we've also learned a few other things!!!

1) I've always enjoyed decorating...but I have become almost obsessed!! I have learned to repurpose, reuse, and recycle...and rediscovered my sewing machine. {LOVE crafting...plus the girls can help out..like the little felt hearts Maci and I made for Valentines Day!!}

2) I am amazed how much inspiration I've gotten from quotes, scriptures and songs. I've been down and out, then heard or read something and instantly I've felt better. {my ultimate favorites}:


3) We LOVE Purell!! I am addicted to the smell. I've tried off brands, other scents, but this is my ultimate favorite!! Also have accumulated lots of other disinfectants!! Germs are bad...

4) We've learned a lot about medicines...Maci has all of us beat by a long shot. That little girl has an arsenal!! This is just a few...home meds. I've had to keep them out, I've learned for me: if it's outta sight, it's outta mind! So putting them on a tray in the kitchen, seems to work for us.

5) See the presents on the floor?? Yep, still have to get them to my sister....{there's more Sarah...just not pictured..lol!} Whenever we'd make plans to get together...we were hospitalized, or someone wasn't feeling well {since Maci can't be around illness}, so we've learned to not make a big deal out of  messed up holidays....who says you can't celebrate on the calendar day??

6) All the chemo Maci has and still is receiving...can cause nausea...and make her sick. We've been lucky apparently to not have too much 'mess' {i.e. vomiting and diarrhea}. I learned this trick from another mom who's child receives chemo....sniff alcohol {wipes work just fine} to relieve the nausea! I've tried it myself, for nausea...IT WORKS!! Whatever properties that are in the alcohol over powers and settles the stomach...{at least it worked for us...and the other mom's child}

7) Maci is a picky eater!! We almost had her eating pretty good, before the diagnose. But, with all the medicines, steroids, etc. She reverted! Can't knock us until you've experienced the affect of steroids. If you or your child was on steroids, and you were able to overcome the urges and cravings please advise!! But what Maci craved was cheese and pasta. Very nutritious!! I'm not hardcore on nutrition..but I do enjoy cooking and shopping for organic and natural ingredients as much as budget and availability allows. Anyway, my mom got us a juicer, so we've been able to get Maci to LOVE juice!!! We can juice sooo much nutrition into a glass..and she'll drink it! So we've been  juicing at least once a day. We've all pretty much found what combinations work for our taste buds...and the girls enjoy helping! We've learned to not go by what it looks like {color} haha! To date, the nastiest in color, have been the BEST tasting!!

8) I've become very thankful for my phone & the apps!!! LOL! It has helped pass many hours in bed at the hospital and home...Maci's favorites have been Barbie fashionistas, and a baking game {thanks Monica for the recommendations!!!}

8) Maci has always been an artistic person, but here is an example of some of her recent 'creations'- Her bobby pin dolly!!

9) I've had to learn to put MY dreams on hold....{selfishness!!} Trying to learn to be less me, more others {& God}. For instance, we were wanting to go to Paris in a couple of years {our 10th anniversary}...but I've learned that Paris isn't going anywhere!! It'll still be available when we're ready to take it by storm!! In the meantime I'll just enjoy looking at pictures and little reminders...

10) Lastly, I've learned that my baby really is AMAZING!!! {Thanks to Zia who got this sign for Maci!! Ever since Maci was born, she's called her 'Grace'}

That's all for today!!! {BTW incase you read both my blogs..I'll posting this over there also!!}

Have a blessed weekend!!