Progress...and Some Peeks!

Here are some shots around some of the downstairs I took this morning:

-there is still a lot of work to do.
-no, we are not done with the kitchen
-yes, we are 99% sawdust free!!! (Hallelujah!)

{living room}

{little vignette}

{close ups of textures}

{close up of textures}

{other side of couch}

{full sofa wall shot}

{faux mantle wall}

{little entry wall}

{close up of vignette}

{dining room}

{open shelving on the right side}

{open shelving on the left side}

{Refrigerator/pantry wall, fun fact: we've chosen to leave the original chimney exposed, what cool things we find in remodeling!!}

{The glaring truth that is looming over our heads!!! Hopefully we will be finishing the ceiling soon!!}

Have an awesome week!