Dining Room Update & DIY curtains

I'm thinking I finally re arranged everything in this little room to my liking....for awhile anyways. This current arrangement fits our family's style...or whatever you want to call it. Let's just say it 'flows' for us.
I had on my to do list to paint the dining room table from black to white. I am really loving the transition.

I've slipcovered my craigslist parson chairs {picked up beginning of summer for $60 for all four}in a cotton duck fabric. Everything else in this room has been rearranged and 'house' shopped!

I showed you the giant {especially for my house}leaning wall mirror my hubby picked up few months ago at a garage sale for...$40!! I've decided to antique gold the frame, and distress it. Something like this:
I've also been admiring these curtains for sometime now....knowing I would love to do this:
I had some extra drop cloths laying around {I did need to spend $9.00 for this project on drapery rings}

I layed out my dropcloth, {this one had three panels, I cut off the end two}, smoothed, ironed, then got to measuring. 
For myself, I wanted about 12 inches per stripe. But it wouldn't have ended right- the total length of the cloth was 102", so I had to figure out a couple of different measurements. The closest I could come up with was 11.25".

The painting part was...interesting. I didn't have a roller so I grabbed Josh's biggest paint brush. I found out that almost a dab method worked best! {These babies soak up allllooott of paint!}

I started with a half pint can of black paint {Thank God I had a few extra cans of blacks in the garage...or I would have had unfinished curtains!}, and ended up going through total almost 1.5 quarts of paint, plus a large tube of black craft paint {didn't make a different when all was said and done}
After I finished each one...I took the blue tape off, and left them to dry overnight.
With the hubby's help, we moved our curtain rod brackets higher up the wall {underneath the top moulding}.

After clipping on the panels...I discovered I didn't need to paint that last panel, I had to trim that much off...it was too long! {Well it was a nice guide to trim off}

Here they are {if you ever come over, please don't inspect tooo closely because they definitely aren't perfect, but they work for me!}

{please keep in mind that someday, hopefully soon, that mirror will be an antique-y gold color!}

Have a wonderful weekend!! 


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~To Inspire~

I've been browsing....Pinterest.....and have compiled a list of inspirations....and {sorry hunny!!}a longer todo list!  Maybe I should change 'ToDo List' to 'Wish List'?

Would love to do something like this in my hallway...Gallery theme would be centered around family. Console table would be very small....and would hold our wallet, keys, and phones.
Spotted this saying about children....pretty much is my heart about my little lovelies.
My couch will soon look like this...all cream/white pillows
Need to find a coffee table similar in style....someday....
More coming on these....hopefully soon! Hint: Dining Room!

This barely scratches the surface....

Have a great day!



Fall Mantle {Take II}

We have been getting a few fall'ish weathery days around here lately {I'm so excited!!}

Since I posted about my Fall Mantle a couple of weeks ago, there's been a few slight 'tweaks' to the top. 

No, not much, but can you spot them?

I think I'm getting the decorating mantle thing too carried away...and unofficially declare to officially retire from decking this thing out any further!!

My mom brought back the metal 'H' from a trip and the bronze glass candle is a 'discovered' addition!!

Happy Tuesday!


A Simple Snapshot

I am very thankful to be able to live so close to this! I was able to snap this {with my phone} on our way home last night. Isn't it beautiful??




It doesn't get much better than....FREE!!

Yup! I don't know many who wouldn't mind something F.R.E.E. in life...right?

Well, someone felt the need to give this away....FREE...to....US!

I tried to get the true color with my phone...{my camera is no-where to be found} it's more of a greenish gold in person...

We just had to go and pick it up...so wait maybe it cost us all of $7.40 {the price of 2 gallons of gasoline}

Well yes I'm not blind, it's not exactly the color I was going for in my living room, but for the price and necessity of needing something to sit on, it seems to work. 

I brought it home and gave it a good cleaning. I do not care for the color of the wood, and was thinking about painting it white to help offset the good 60/70's vibe it's giving. I do LOVE the shape and think it has good lines. There isn't anything major wrong with it. The buttons are all intact, the stuffing is still pretty firm, the cushions are very decent, and there isn't any odor {thank God!}, and with the exeption of two teeny tiny spots, the whole thing is free of rips and tears, and stains!

Phew...so I was browsing pinterest last night, and came across this photo. I almost jumped up and down in my seat! I LOVE this idea....and I know the colors aren't my colors for the living room, and I could get the same look with creams, and whites..but do you get it?

Found another one...not painted

The sofa's look pretty close to the same! Some day I do plan on re-upholstering this thing, but I think this will tide me over until then! 

All inspiration photo sources {via}The first two belong to me.

Have you ever got any awesome things for...FREE??? 

Thanks for reading today!!! 

Hugs, Jessica

Fall is just about 'officially' here....Tomorrow!!


It's the small things...

Since the mantle decorating binge earlier this week...I've made another {very small} attempt at fall decorating! I had a couple of weeks ago, shoved these conglomeration of items on the table top, and it kind of just stayed there. 

The clear apothecary jar had a nest with eggs in it. It's amazing how replacing the nest with these pumpkins, the difference it made!

{btw....I painted my table...white, as you can see in the pictures...more on that later!}

I am in California right now for my little brother's wedding! I didn't get to bring Maci with me :( She's at home with Josh, so it's my parents, sister and niece, Makenzie & myself! The wedding is on Saturday, but we got here early to help wrap things up! I am excited to get another sister, and I know the girls are excited about getting a new Auntie!! 

Have a wonderful weekend!



Welcome Fall & My New Fireplace Mantle {Yay!!}

If you remembered my 'todo' list that I posted a couple of weeks back, then you'll remember that we were intending to make a mantle to cover our fireplace insert. A HUGE thank you to my husband and two of our friends for spending their whole Labor Day at our house making this thing. I have always dreamed of decorating a fireplace mantle, and now I can!! This was extremely low cost....just some food and a strip of moulding. {We had the wood already}. You might be thinking, you rent...so isn't that a waste of money? Naw...it's removable!!

We used 'reclaimed' wood to build the main body, along with some Olympic paint in Delicate White {primer & paint in one}...and yup, I forgot to get the 'during construction' photos....oops!

*Please excuse the quality of the photos. I can't find my camera anywhere :( So I used my iPhone for all these*

Let's just say I'm "in Love!!"
I enjoy the shelf being wide enough to be able to place my two little lamps with the burlap shades on it for extra light.

Grabbed items last night out of my seasonal bucket for some fall 'love'. I really like the burlap runner mixed with the grapevine garland that I forgot about in my tub!!

Some of my vintage silver pieces, along with my silver peacock bird my little sister brought back from Peru...I love it!

Think this sums it all up into one word for me this year. I definitely have TONS to be thankful for!!

Can you find my "h" I love initials!!

Birdie closeup

A different angle. Also gotta love my antique mirror my mom 'let me hang' on my wall!!

So here's a before shot of the wall {yeah..it's kinda embarrassing}


Hmmm...what's your favorite???

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What A Day To Remember

Today was an emotional day for sure. One thing is for certain- I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! 

The Land of the Free & The Home of the Brave!!

I came across this touching video of remembrance of what happened ten years ago {Thanks Elisabeth!!}

Even though I was 17 years old, I will never, ever forget that morning. I had just gotten a new cell phone the day before {thankfully...because the mail service was stopped for a couple of days}, and was excited to start the first day of my senior year. 
I remember standing in my bathroom, curling my hair. My radio was on, playing a song, when all of a sudden Sam {of Scott & Sam}, cut the song and came on the radio. She was crying saying, "Oh my God, Oh my God. I can't believe this. A plane has just flown into the World Trade Center a few minutes ago...." 
I remember standing there in awe-not really sure if I believed it or not. Then a couple minutes later she screamed out "The other tower has been hit!" 
I was the only one up at the time, so I ran downstairs and woke my parents up, screaming "Oh my word, you've got to turn the radio on, two planes just flew into the WTC....you've got to turn your radio's on".
School ended up being cancelled for the day, and our family spent the rest of the day listening, crying, and talking about it. 
I've still never been to New York City, but I plan to someday, and knowing me, Ground Zero will probably be my first stop. I want to be able to experience the atmosphere for myself, knowing I will leave impacted and with a new appreciation. 

A lot has been said in remembrance of today, but also we can't forget our military servicemen and women who have lost their lives since that horrible day so we can continue to sing: 


Love to all

{On a side note: Please remember this family in your prayers. I personally don't know them, but follow Anna's blog. They lost their precious little boy in an accident a couple of days ago. I'm sure they'd appreciate all the prayers they can get. Dear God, I couldn't imagine.}


Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Wishing to all our friends in 'bloggy-land' a Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

We plan to spend tomorrow morning in church, with a yummy feast afterwards, followed by a few good games of volleyball, and just hanging out with friends....

A good night's rest...then gearing up for crossing some of that to-do list off!!! I can't wait to get started! {Here's some hints/sneak peaks!!}

Excited to decorate the house all cozy for fall!!!

Hope you are having a gorgeous weekend, don't be jealous...this is our weather...hopefully it doesn't change!! 


{Picture credits: Photos 1-7: Pinterest , last photo: Me}