Mirror Mirror On The Wall....

OMG!!! Look what we found this weekend at a garage sale!! {actually, I didn't find it...my husband did!!}

We love mirrors around our house and I have been casually looking for a huge one..and it is even bevelled!!

Please excuse the little add-ons...they like to have their picture taken...anytime...anyplace!!
Also please forgive the poor quality photos, as I took these on my phone!

The best part...they were asking $60 which still is good..but my husband {who is a notorious jewer-downer} asked them if they would take $40 for it...and they said yes!
I still have to find a place for the hunka-mirror...but for now...it's a great full length mirror!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Butcher It!!!

Haha!! Gotcha!
Since I am in an almost constant daydream about designing my 'future/non existent ((yet))' kitchen, I thought I would share with you a mutual wish between my husband and I. {{A design 'dream' we both agree on!!-yay!!}}

Butcher Block!!

We both for some reason absolutely love the idea of incorporating butcher block somewhere in our future {yep, non existant} kitchen.
Right now we have an old butcher block that weighs more than my family put together on legs {like a table} at the restaurant (looks kinda like this)

for...some kind of stand-ish thing we put stuff on!!

Well we both love it {did I already say that??!!} and my parents have one that's similar to the one pictured above kinda just sitting there in their garage...waiting for me to scoop it up and put it to good use!!

Here is some pictures of inspiration that I found here:

{This is kitchen comes from here}

I love different elements about each of these kitchen pictured.
 I know I will add my own twist to my own place when I find one that I fall in love with!

Thanks for looking today....Hope you all are getting a wonderful start to your summer!!


Not the One!

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you'll kind of know where I'm headed.
We are in the process of looking for a house to buy.

In downtown Sumner, with a long list of wants {{at a price we can afford, preferrably on one income incase something were to happen to one of us}}

In downtown Sumner, you will have to have 10 full time jobs to get the kind of wishlist I we are looking for!!

Anyways, we have been looking at a few homes that have come up for sale in the area for the last couple of months.

Friday we looked at this one:

Yes it is a townhome in downtown Sumner.
Yes we liked it.
Yeah I dreamed about paint colors and decorating it.
The cool thing about it, was that it has an office space in the bottom, facing the commuter train station:
Josh works on bikes. I guess he's pretty good at it!! LOL! I don't ride...I know I should.

Well having said all that, we went in yesterday afternoon to put an offer on it, {{we prayed about it before we went in}}

Guess what? Right as we were filling out paperwork and all.....someone else beat us to it...anddddd...

God answered our prayer!!

I am just believing that there is something alot better for us out there and we'll just keep looking!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Pics are thanks to John L Scott