Getting Ready For The Holidays & Thank You!!

...I am a last 'minuter' person on EVERY thing! I don't know why!!
Today I finished mailing off all the Christmas Cards:

This is my Christmas Card to all you!! Thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails you've sent with concern about Maci!

I am having trouble figuring out what we will be fixing for our little Christmas dinner! {We will be spending it in 'seclusion' due to Maci's treatment schedule. {Can't be out and about, too many germs + low immune system = bad news!}

I've came across some wonderful ideas for the dinner:

Annnddd..I'm stuck! I am looking for recipes that all the family will love, yet I was craving something different!! This is all we've decided on so far, so hopefully we can come up with something special before it's too late and we will be stuck eating:

{just kidding!!}

We've been staying busy with 'hand making' all our presents this year, and taking care of Maci...

Can't wait for the New Year...and making some New Year's resolutions!!!



My Baby!

I don't normally post 'people' pictures on here {I save them for FB & Maci's blog}

But I came across this photo in my computer, just a little bit ago. Maybe I am missing Maci's beautiful hair??

{Again special thanks to the wonderful photographer that donated these pictures, these were taken back in September!  They mean more now than ever!!}

She's such a dollie! We are about to spend some quality time together the next 3 days...in the hospital. We are scheduled to receive a big chemo, along with the fluids to  help 'flush' it out of her system. You can look up her blog for more information I wrote about it.

On Friday, she has an EEG scheduled {more info again on her blog}, to see if she has seizures. We've been noticing some strange 'staring' spells. The doctor wants to be sure.

{This was taken last week}

Not much decorating going around here, just trying to get ready the best we can for the holidays. {I am praying we aren't in the hospital} Crafting, cooking, baking!! Oh and we are fighting the sick bug too!!!

Thank you for all your prayers and support! Overall we are just happy to be here, and to have our beautiful little girl still with us. 

God is good!!



Taking A Break From Christmas!!

I was 'blog-gazing' and I came across these photos
{please click on the photos for their sources}

hmmm...I think you see a pattern??? Happy Sunday!!! 



Christmas in the Dining Room

Christmas Cheer has settled into the dining room! I love how it turned out...

I found a little green live tree at Walmart and nestled it into my little green and white pot {yep, it says garden in french and I'm sure it's intended to use in the spring/summer months, but it matched!!}

Along with scattering a few gold and green ornies amongst the gold mesh

Set a silver sugar and creamer set out {probably would look better if I polished it}

Antique crystal candlesticks, with little kerosene pots for light, along with my dollar store 'crystal cut' goblets

I really heart my napkins and the napkins rings...

Vintage butterscotch bakelite flatware

All placed upon a gold mesh scrap of fabric puddled, a strand of 'pearls', and a strand of gold sequined trim.

Is anyone still stumped on table decor for the holidays? We didn't get much of a Thanksgiving holiday, due to some uncontrollable circumstances, so I am determined not to let Christmas get away from us!

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