Bathroom Progress

I know this has been a long, drawn out process, and I am almost done {yay!}.

Here I posted my before photos.

Here is my inspirational photos.

I decided to forgo the gray theme I originally wanted to do {didn't really fit the rest of what I had going on throughout the house.}

I saw this shower curtain over here.

The post came at the right time! {because yes, I am a copy cat!}

Also, after 2 & 1/2 years of living here, I grew tired of huge puddles of water leaking out from the sides, and the overspray was making everything wet...because I had a standard size shower curtain.

Yet, I had a small dilemma. My shower/tub opening is larger than your standard. 

It was interesting to learn most shower curtains are 72x72.
Hence, in order to fix my 'issues' I needed to custom make my curtain.

I kept the existing shower curtain rod, and sewed up an ivory queen sheet.

{from Target}

Mine? Well this sheet is 94 x at least 94 if not more...because I sewed up the length to allow for the rod opening.

I also had quite the collection of antique doilies. {thanks to my slight hoarder problem!}

I tried hand sewing them on....not so easy!
...would've taken me until I was 30, at the rate I was going!

So I introduced myself to 'heat and bond' {I've never used it before!}

The whole ironing/bonding process took longer than I want to take {about 3 hours}, but hey! It's finished!

As for my shower curtain liner? I haven't been able to find one that is long/wide enough, so I have safety pinned the liner a little lower on the inside of the curtain...It kinda works, for now. 
Hey! No water leakage anymore!

Here is more bathroom pictures:

Set of four bird/botanical type prints that add just the right amount of color!

I really love the window set up...
Little finale hung above the window for 'something extra'
Four little Target bud vases filled with some dried 'horton hears a who clover' left over from Christmas.
{note to self...take the window/curtain rod brackets off! They were here when we moved in}

From the door {yes this is our little bathroom...the only one!}

Progress....if you saw in the 'before' photos...this is definitely progress...I just randomly shoved things here...I need to pack them away in my extra decor tub, just haven't done that yet {L.A.Z.Y!!}

Hubby made these shelves from wood remnants...can say his wood hoarder pile has diminished greatly since he's made all these wonderful little projects for me!

I do have a plan! It just will involve..time and effort! Oh, and maybe some paint :)

Thank you everyone for all your sweet comments on my bedroom! I am definitely in love!

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Have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Jessica, It's looking great. I had the same problem with my shower opening. As for the liner, I hung a second rod below the outside curtain one. It is not noticeable at all and it works really well. I just used one of those pressure mounted ones.

    What a job that was getting those doilies on there..and what a cute idea! xo Diana

  2. It looks so lovely Jessica! :) Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow too!! xoxo

  3. Hi Jessica! What a wonderful job!!! :) Take care and enjoy your upcoming weekend!


  4. Oh my, I think we have the same style!! I just saw your master bedroom and I am in love! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, it made my day. :)

  5. This looks wonderful! I love the style you've got going on here. I just moved and am trying to figure out how to decorate all this new space I've got. This gives me a great idea for my mint, beige and white bathroom :). Thank you for sharing!

  6. i love the vases on the windowsill- so sweet!

  7. I'm sighing, how lovely. And envious, the bathroom is probably the most difficult room for me to decorate.

  8. What a great space Jessica! You did a wonderful job....


  9. Your bathroom turned out so nice, Jessica! You always seem so busy :)

  10. I Love your house! I got to take a peek inside when I bought her vintage farm-house awnings! I was happy that she didn't want them, I was so surprised but super happy they were coming home with me... I LOVE them and they will be perfect for my studio! Can't wait to hang them! Keep up the decorating, your house is so inspiring! ~Susan, Northwest Pretties ~Port Orchard Washington


I really enjoy reading your feedback!! Thank you very much for taking the time to write me a note!! xo ~*Jessica