Silver Planter

On a recent trip to Goodwill, I came across this treasure....

I had a purpose in mind for it right away-
Thanks to a display stand right inside Walmart of plants, I grabbed a few. 
I recently have become inspired to put live plants in my home, partly from here.
Plus, they are good for the air quality in your home {I've heard}...

So silver bowl/dish + pretty little mini plants =

I quickly found a place to put this rock. We picked it up from the beach while on our recent trip to Florida!

Hopefully, there isn't anything wrong with putting plants in a silver bowl, without draining holes. Guess I'll have to see if they die or not {I'm not known for my watering abilities..} haha, I might not have to worry about those drainage holes!! 

Have a beautiful day!!


  1. Jessica- It looks beautiful with the plants in it. I went through a spell of having no live plants in the house and now I have several again.

    You don't need any hole in the silver...but if you could get a few little pebbles down under the dirt that will help keep them from "wet feet". xo Diana

  2. Jessica,
    You found such a lovely piece. I love that you included a memory from Florida!


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