We Are Moving!!!!!

We are sooo excited to annouce, we bought a house!! {Well, we close on the 25th}

I didn't realize this day would finally arrive. We are beside ourselves in excitement.

I know I haven't blogged much at all...but now that we are moving into our own place, I can't wait to keep you all updated on the changes we have in mind!

It is move in ready, needs paint and of course our own personal touches, but for the most part, we were so blessed to be able to find a house about a mile from where we are living now, bringing us a little closer to our church, my mom, and both of our jobs! A nice bonus, I still am able to keep the girls in their same schools.

Here is some pictures borrowed from the real estate listing:

{Dining Room}

{Living Room}

{Downstairs bathroom}

Meanwhile our house looks something like this:

{packing, packing, packing!!}

So relieving after pretty much two years of looking for a house.. and several offers placed, we found one that worked out!!

Will keep you posted :)



  1. I absolutly love your new house! I have to say Jessica....you do such a beautiful job decorating. Like professional. No joke :) Your new house will look amazing when you put your touches on it! I will be down to see you all. Love you cousin! Give squeezes to the girls! -Alethea :)

  2. This is awesome news!! Congrats on a new page in life! :-) Your family deserves goodness! We love you guys!

  3. Yay! so happy for you Jessica!! :)

  4. Can't wait to see all the decorating you have done with your new house!


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