What I'm {Currently} Lovin' & Adding to my 'To-Do' List

Besides being Mommy....I've been totally making/cleaning up MY messes around here!!! It seems that I just get something where I like it, then I get a 'better' idea.

So I've made a to do list, and have decided to 'simplify' my life a little and focus on one room {as much as I can} for right now.

I am kinda laughing, I had recently posted pics of my dining room...and the next it looked completely different! I really like it now, and plan on keeping it that way. The re-arrange helped me decide on which color I would paint the DR table: white!!

My living room is the room I'm currently focusing on. This is my 'To Do' list to make it done to my "satisfaction".

1) Recover & Paint these things {I've got 2 of them}
2) I re-arranged this corner from this to the piano facing out...if you're playing it you'd be facing the rest of the living room/dining room instead of staring out the window {don't have an 'after pic yet...}But I need to make it feel more homey. I got a $6 fern {live} at the grocery store the other day...it looks awesome on the floor. The goal is to make something chippy, fern-y, french inspired floor vignette. Stay with me! I have a plan in my head...just gotta find the right things.
3) We found a ton of scrap wood, and some moulding trim that we will be making into a fireplace mantle...that hides the black and bright brassy look from ...well not a popular era {at least it's completely not my taste!!} The plan is to just prop it up against the wall with not attaching it to the wall {we can just take it with us someday when we buy a house}
**Something like this:
{Found here}
4) Paint the cedar chest {that I horribly stained a looooonnnnnngggg time ago} that is currently my coffee table/kids destroy center. I have something like this in mind:
**See the stripes...on a small chest/yet with a slight distressed finish and some antique-ing finish!!
5) hang a couple of canvases...that I've been saving...with a cool touch...on an empty wall...slightly botanical.

6)repaint all these (after looking at them hanging for a couple of weeks...they need to get a second coat of paint...}oh and the sofa table is gone and the two chairs are there...along with an 'imaginary table'
7) This is going to be a long way off..but this last winter we found a 'free' tufted antique rocker chair. It is unusable in the condition it's in now, but it needs to be recovered...with all the intricate lines, buttons and piping, I am 100% sure its well above my level of skill to re-upholster myself, so as soon as we win the lottery  {kidding...we don't play} I'm gonna get it re-done...and it will be a super addition to the room!!!

I dream of living spaces like this:

{all found here}

I think you've gotten the idea!!

Happy Weekend!!



  1. Looks like you have a lot of great ideas, Jessica. I feel like I have a to do list a mile long, but not enough money to do it all :)

  2. I love all of your inspirations pics and your to do list sounds like something that's going on around here constantly. Your home is lovely and you have some wonderful antiques. Thanks for the visit and your gracious comments. I appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hi Jessica, how are you? I totally understand what you mean about having "to-do" lists...I have TONS since moving into this "fixer-upper," and I've come to the conclusion that it'll be a LONG while before we get even close to finishing up our list (we're talking years here! lol). I hope you get to cross off items on your to-do list...I've never reupholstered/recover anything before, so if you do (that chair), I'd be happy to see how you do it! ;) Anyway, take care & I hope everything in the home front is ok. Update me when you find the time!!! Sending over more hugs & prayers your way!!!



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