Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Giveaway!!

Are you a DIY enthusiast?? Do you enjoy {or like} to paint your own furniture? I do!! Have you every heard of chalk paint {all the rage in blogland??}


If you would like to enter to receive all this:
1. Two quarts of paint...get this...you get to pick what colors you want...yippee!!
2. One can of wax.
3. One wax brush.
4. One clay tag...you can find these in her Etsy shop.
5. One clay knob...you can find these in her Etsy shop.
Head on over to Linda's blog & enter here! Hurry entries end tomorrow night!!

If you've read {or for the lack of posting...the last couple of posts}, I am now home for a long extended period of time taking care of my little girl...I am redecorating my house!!
BUT it's a fun challenge. I've been accused of hoarderizing for the past *ahem* well long time. I've thrifted, junked, garage saled, been given, 'borrowed', things that I've put up for a while now. 
Now that I'm home, I have been dragging myself and my hubby all around the house doing projects. 
I also mentioned in my last post or so that I thought we were going to have to move. 
Well, we don't!! The owner of our home graciously has reduced our rent in half, so we didn't move!! Thank you Jesus!!! 
Maci is doing pretty good, considering the circumstances. For her story, and updates you can visit her blog here.

Back to my decorating projects, I have been sewing, painting (not the walls), recovering, and hammering like crazy (well Josh has, but I've been directing!)
As soon as I get some more finished, I will post pictures for you to see! I am pretty excited about it!!

Don't forget head over to Linda's to enter that giveaway! 
Happy Weekend!!


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