Kitchen Sink Love

I have never really posted anything, or shown for that matter, much about my kitchen.....well because....it's kinda , not really, embarrassing??? The cabinets are worse than from 50's/60's era. They are two tone, white frames and that orange-ish wood stain doors. Yeah...hot! I'm thankful though, that they are all intact, clean, and serviceable, along with matching door knobs/pulls. They just aren't....current??

But that doesn't stop me from trying to make my tiny kitchen cute-ish....right?

I've got these little shelves on either side of the kitchen sink, that are fun to set things on, and a big bright window layout.

I really am being honest. I'm super thankful for my windows here! They were replaced not very long ago, and they open up, instead of slide open!! {I know I'm weird}
Back to the kitchen sink area, it facing the front of the house, and its one of those corner dealios:

It needs some love!!!

Do you sometimes think all the things we tweak and decorate so we can do this in style?

I am sharing some inspiration, for some simple tweaking,  I found this morning on pinterest, {I've added more fun onto my todo list!!}

There's so many more fun ones to look through, and some of these are a little busy, but I love what they've done around their kitchen sinks. I am severely limited as to what I can do, being it's a rental, but...I do have a few ideas in mind! I do know that the last photo is definitely my favorite!!

It's just finding the time, yes? I thought being a SAHM for a while, I would have all this free time on my hands...haha!!! Yeah right! Kids are more work than my customers!! Fun...but time consuming!

Have a wonderful day, and I hope I didn't scare you too bad with the photos of my kitchen!! LOL!


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  1. Jessica...I'm just catching up this week...I don't know how I missed this post. I just have one thing to say. Our home was built in 1979. There was a big emphasis on ENERGY MIZING at that time and NOT aesthetics. My kitchen cabinets are not even wood! UGGGG~LY!. So you and I can lament together. New ones, next year is the plan! Yours are wood! Yeah! Maybe Chalk paint?
    Have a great weekend sweet neighbor!


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