Getting Ready For The Holidays & Thank You!!

...I am a last 'minuter' person on EVERY thing! I don't know why!!
Today I finished mailing off all the Christmas Cards:

This is my Christmas Card to all you!! Thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails you've sent with concern about Maci!

I am having trouble figuring out what we will be fixing for our little Christmas dinner! {We will be spending it in 'seclusion' due to Maci's treatment schedule. {Can't be out and about, too many germs + low immune system = bad news!}

I've came across some wonderful ideas for the dinner:

Annnddd..I'm stuck! I am looking for recipes that all the family will love, yet I was craving something different!! This is all we've decided on so far, so hopefully we can come up with something special before it's too late and we will be stuck eating:

{just kidding!!}

We've been staying busy with 'hand making' all our presents this year, and taking care of Maci...

Can't wait for the New Year...and making some New Year's resolutions!!!



  1. How sweet! I love your Christmas Card! I haven't event sent all of mine out yet! lol Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous holiday dinner - whatever you make, I'm sure it will be delish! :) Enjoy!!! And sending more hugs & prayers for your darling Maci!!!


  2. How lovely lady.
    I love coming over to see how my Maci is doing!! She is so sweet!!! I pray for her ever night she get better. Your dinner looks Yummy sweet lady.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Merry Christmas Holiday. Sending more prays for Maci.
    XXOO Diane

  3. Jessica!
    I received your beautiful card at Maci's blog on Monday. I apologize for not getting here to The Velveteen Rabbit until today!

    Last night my daughter called and said..."Mom, I'm so behind!" I said..."Welcome to being a Mom at Christmas!" Thus the "coinage" of the term "Christmas Rush!"

    You my, sweet are amazing! Keeping it all together while riding the biggest roller coaster of emotion.

    Growing to know you and your family has been such a gift! I pray and cheer for you all every day!

    We're having Roast Beef too!
    I was inspired by the Pioneer Woman's Christmas Special!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Ohhh your christmas cards are so cute! x

  5. Love your cards! I hope your holidays were wonderful and all the best for good health, lots of joy and all things good for 2012 xo


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