Christmas in the Dining Room

Christmas Cheer has settled into the dining room! I love how it turned out...

I found a little green live tree at Walmart and nestled it into my little green and white pot {yep, it says garden in french and I'm sure it's intended to use in the spring/summer months, but it matched!!}

Along with scattering a few gold and green ornies amongst the gold mesh

Set a silver sugar and creamer set out {probably would look better if I polished it}

Antique crystal candlesticks, with little kerosene pots for light, along with my dollar store 'crystal cut' goblets

I really heart my napkins and the napkins rings...

Vintage butterscotch bakelite flatware

All placed upon a gold mesh scrap of fabric puddled, a strand of 'pearls', and a strand of gold sequined trim.

Is anyone still stumped on table decor for the holidays? We didn't get much of a Thanksgiving holiday, due to some uncontrollable circumstances, so I am determined not to let Christmas get away from us!

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  1. Beautiful table, Jessica. I love your little tree, and the pot is beautiful! Tarnished silver is the rage right now! You are in style, girlie!! Visiting from TT.

  2. Jessica, the fabulous EddieRoss has a post up about using vintage brooches as napkin rings! I think he's copying you!!


  3. This is beautiful!

    Happy Holidays!


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