Our Family

Every Easter I'm a little weird with wanting our family to match or coordinate colors.

Plus you have to get a family picture too right? 

Here are the last few years-




I love watching how much the girls change!! It makes me a little sad to see how little they were....it goes so fast!


  1. What great family pictures. Isn't it fun to watch the kids change? I was the same way when my kids were little...and now my daughters do the same with their kids. Blessings- Diana

  2. you all look adorable! I always want my boys and I to match too but it never works out! lol xoxo

  3. So sweet, Jessica! You all look great!!! Wishing you all a belated Easter and Happy Spring!!!


  4. Those are great family photos. It's nice to have a tradition like that so you can keep up with it every year. Your girls looks so sweet in their Easter outfits.

  5. I loved your outfits this year!!! It is so cute to see how little the girls were in that first photo:)

  6. Jessica,
    These are beautiful pictures of your family. What a great way to watch your girls grow up.
    Mary Alice

  7. Your have an adorable family! Love the color coordination...so cute!


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