Playing While At Work

Hmmmm so what do you do while your at work? 


I play around with my camera {which may or may not include falling off chairs with camera in hand...haha!}

*This isn't to promote my job, I just wanted to share something this week, since I don't have anything from my house!!*

{I love this}

{The back wall in the dining room}

{There is so many horns hanging around, do you think they'd notice if I brought a pair home!?}

{The best part, the food!}

{One of these little tasty treats equals 209 calories-before butter-...how did you know it's my favorite thing on the menu?}

{this may seem a little goofy, but I love this!! I have been playing with my settings...this is from one of the chandeliers in the dining room}

You may wonder what my boss thought about all this playing around??

Well, they approved!

{phew*sighs of relief}

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  1. Jessica~ What a lovely place to work. Those muffins look delish...calories and all! And I LOVE that light picture! xo Diana


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