*During* Photos

We are knee deep in our little construction! Only 18 more days to go before our deadline (Christmas Eve).

Our wonderful old/vintage wood panelling has now 8 coats of primer & paint...2 of those is Kilz!

We think hope the 8th time was the trick!

So before:

{{Please excuse & overlook the mess...especially the last shot into the kitchen....like the pee colored walls?? Don't worry that will soon be gone too!!}}


The date for refinishing the floors is set!

What is left to do in here-not necessarily in this order:

1) refinishing the floor
2) trim out & paint the doorways into the hall & kitchen
3) put the baseboard up & paint on the wood panelling wall
4) paint the ceiling & top moulding
5) paint the front door
6) put quarter round along the floor/baseboards
7) some electrical work (having two outlets installed & one fixed)

It's getting closer!!! Whoop Whoop :)

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  1. Yay!! Gad to be reading your blog again!! Looks like everything is coming along!! So excited for you guys :-) Cant wait to read some more!


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