Easy *DIY* Chandelier Makeover

About two hours before our Christmas Eve party, I was doing my last minute decorating/cleaning/preparing...

The hubby and I were discussing how we wish we would just take the time to order new chandelier candle covers for our dining room chandelier... (which we scored on Ebay like 2+ years ago for $30).

The white plastic ones just looked so cheapy...

I've secretly coveted Joan's chandeliers with the little candle covers for a long time.

So, me being the 'dig in the drawer, scrounge around, use what I found, last minute' type of person I am (sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't). I found an unused spool of jute type string.

I had a 'ah-ha!' moment!

You will need:

1) spool of jute cording/string from the craft store
2) hot glue gun
3) scissors (to cut your string)
4) your candle covers
5) 45 minutes of time

So here my chandelier went from this:

These are my supplies...minus my hot glue gun and scissors

This is how I started my jute

Continuing to wrap it down the cover

And after 9 of them? Ta-da!

Love it! 

*small disclaimer... we've been using the light for a week and a half and the hot glue hasn't been effected by the lights on. (these are 40 watt regular chandelier bulbs)

I'm sure you could take this idea and run with it! 
Imagine the possibilities?!

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Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. What a cute, cute idea, Jessica. I love it. You did a nice job- xo Diana

  2. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  3. Love it! Looks fantastic! :) ~Chanelle

  4. Love it! What a great idea to dress up or hide those tacky plastic things!

  5. Really nice!!!


  6. That looks so great, Jessica! You're sure the jute isn't too close to the bulbs though, right?! I don't want them to start a fire. Sorry, I just had to say that...I'm a giant worrier :)

    1. Hey Tricia! I don't think it's too close! I've checked several times and we use the light daily- no issues so far- I worried about it too! The jute was pulled super tight and I made sure to glue it slightly below the top of the candle cover to where it wasn't in contact with the light. Hope that makes sense! :)

  7. It does look a lot better.


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