Happy NEW YEAR!!!

We have received good news last week...as explained here...

Here are some quick snapshots of around the living room yesterday...

We are really enjoying our newly finished (as in remodeling) space!

We decided for the month of January, we were going to take a break. Everything is pleasantly livable...(just not pretty!!) So I'll have fun tweaking tabletop arrangements and such....well maybe :)

We are trying to decide what we'll tackle next....but we have plenty of time!

Happy Thursday to you!!

Warmest wishes...


  1. Your place looks great!! And so glad to hear an end date is near for Maci! Thats the best news yet! So glad she's getting better! :-)

  2. What a beautiful post- Your home looks wonderful. I am glad to hear that chemo will end in Sept. for Maci- That is a blessing. God bless that sweet child...and all of you for that matter- xo Diana

  3. Everything is shaping up nicely , love it. I would like a piano like yours. My granddaughter plays on their old piano, that looks like it came from a smokey old bar.:):)xoxo,Susie

  4. The room looks wonderful Jessica! You've done a great job and the floors turned out so well! I can tell that you are having a ball!


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