I was a Winner & Upcoming Market!!

Last week I won this wonderful stuff from My Sweet Savannah.

I was so excited! I never win anything!
I wasn't expecting the sign...needless to say, I LOVE it!!...and it matches my little anthropologie urn I got in Seattle last week!

The girls wanted to try on my tee and hat...

Thank you Melanie for the awesome things! I do appreciate it and will definately use them!

There is an upcoming vintage market in Puyallup for you girls who live local. Its put on by the lovely Funky Junk Sisters!! I am planning on attending!
Dates are March 13 and 14th.

Find out more information here.


  1. Your girls are so adorbs!!! :) Lol! That market sounds like fun, we'd like to go, but March is a long way off! Hehe, maybe you meant May??

  2. Haha! Yup I meant May...ummm don't know what I was thinking!
    Thanks! :)


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