I wish!!

I am in love with this...but the price???? NOT so much! Ha!
The price to buy one of these, after shipping, I could buy two tickets to see the real thing.

Someday I am gonna go!
{{Our skies in Washington almost look like this today!!}}

Here's proof!

More French Inspiration:
The French Country Table Cookbook. By Laura Washburn.
I am excited to try SOME of the receipes (others are a little to much for me, if you know what I mean!)

You can find one here.

About the Eiffel Tower/France trip??

For now I'll have to stick to things like this:

Found here.
Found here.
**Notice the Space Needle in the background???***
I'm from this area...maybe I should think about that instead?? Ha! {Would definately be cheaper!!}

Found here.
Salt & Pepper anyone??


  1. I love everything French, so I LOVE your blog!!!
    I want the salt and pepper shakers!! So cute!!
    I'm returning the follow!
    Have a great day!

  2. Love the Inspiration and your making me want to get one of those pieces :) TFS
    Have a great day.

  3. I love that Eiffel Tower model!! So pretty! I definitely could see that in your house! I think it would be cool for you to paint the eiffel tower on one of the walls in your house. Or it would be cool to get one of those big vinyl wall decals of the tower to put up!


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