Family Weekend &"Moore" House Inspiration

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with your moms, or special people in your life!
We spent Saturday in Oregon with Josh's mom and family, then spent all day today with my mom and family.

{{My wonderful parents}}

I love my mom!!

One of the many things I inherited from my Mom is her decorating bug. We both love decorating our house, and setting up tables and parties!
As the day approaches {to buy a house}...I am completely thinking {well not totally} about house decorating....sorry!!

I am so happy I discovered blogging {or blog-land}. I have found a tremendous amount of information and inspiration. I still have my own ideas, but when you are like me-yeah that's scary! Anyways I love a bunch of different elements from different types of styles. Traditional style has always been the more dominant style, but I have found so many awesome ideas, and can't wait to put all these 'inspirations' into play.

For instance a couple of months ago I found the main wall color I would like to put in my 'next' house, thanks to Dear Lillie!!

Go check out the pictures of her house. I love her decorating style, and especially the nursery she just finished for her brand new baby!  The walls are...you guessed it! BM Alexandria Beige.

I love this idea. I am smitten with chandeliers, and the vintage twist of black and white.
I am sorry I don't remember where I found these....to give the photo credit.

This has been one of my biggest challenges in my head. My furniture colors. Currently I have a pretty cute/awesome dining room table and chairs. Even better it was given to me {thanks Mom}. So if I like it, and nothing is wrong with it, except the top of the table needs to be sanded and repainted {enters hubby!!..joking I will be doing it myself} Why replace it?? So I decided to pair the warm cozy wall color, with black and white..or more antique creamy white...

I love the lines in this bedroom except with a little darker color on the bedroom.

 I really would like to use touches of these fabrics throught the house too.

Okay that's all for now! Have a wonderful rest of your day! Hopefully it won't take me as long to post again. Work is starting to get pretty crazy!


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