Happy Memorial Day!!

"Many are enjoying a day off Monday, attending barbecues, and taking advantage of Memorial Day sales, but don't let the true meaning of this day get lost in those picnic plans. Memorial Day was never created to be a day of celebration. It was created to remember and honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice."   - Author                                 

This weekend was a long but eventful one!! Remember in my last post I mentioned my brother was planning to propose to his GF? Wellllll.... She said yes!!!!!

I am excited to get another sister!!

Saturday was wellll work alllllllll day.
Sunday was church in the morning, then we had a wonderful afternoon spending time as a little family!! {With work and all this is a rare treat}.

This is my girls this morning, we are just chillin around before we head up to the church for a little picnic-ing and baseball...

Hope you all have an enjoyable day!!!



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