Where I've Been Lately...

{{I've been in hiding for the last couple of weeks}}....

I haven't been doing any decorating, sewing, crafting lately. This is where I've been.....

Work!! This is our family business.
I've been a glorified waitress since I was 12.
I am not posting this to drum up business or anything! I am simply telling you about what takes up about 75% of our time!

My parents {or my dad} had a dream for a long time about opening a restaurant. He loves BBQ and can cook too! So...in 1995 we opened our first little spot in downtown Sumner. {I don't have any pictures at the moment}.

In 2005 we relocated {North Sumner}.
My working family consists of, My Dad, Mom, Me, Sister, Brother.

On any given day, you walk in the office this pretty much what you'll find:

Yep, that's my big little brother surfin the web. If my dad were to catch him on the computer...he would say, "Here's my kids hard at work again!"
We get off the computer our rearends and get back to work...

Only 10 minutes later to find my dad....surfin' the web!!
Ha! We won't go there!

So here is some pictures of our place.

The Banquet Room

The Banquet Room

The Banquet Room

Yep...this ole boy is hangin over your head while you're enjoying some delicious slow cooked Brisket!!
{{I've made fun of him ever since my mom had the bright idea of decorating the banquet room with him!}}

Now on to the simplest-but my most favorite, and one of the most asked about part of the decorations...
These around 12 foot doors dividing the banquet room and dining room.

The other side:

The Dining Room Side

I can't remember the whole story behind them, but my grandma and mom found them in an antique store somewhere and my mom had them re painted. {they were extremely old...she just had them touched up}
If the restaurant ever goes down...then I'm claiming these doors! {{Just a joke Mom!!}}

Dining Room

Tried to break up the commercial ceiling look with the old pressed tin look...
Twas a looong day in hand painting those tiles to match the huge old doors...

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

{Faith, Family & Friends handpainted by my Grandma's art teacher}

The Dining Room

Notice all these antique hutches?

Where all the action takes place!!
You got it!
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood!?

Cherry wood...

Yes we serve all these!!
Coke, Homemade Sweet Iced Tea, and Homemade Peanut Brittle

Remember the office/brother picture?
This is what he lives off...

{If he reads this, I'm sure I'm done for...}

I took this sometime last week, preparing to do a post about something, and don't know what happened to all the rest of my pictures....

My living room
{where I come home to!...}

Sooo that's a peek inside my life right now....Thank you for taking the time to look at ALL these pictures!!

Have a great day!!


  1. MMMmmmm!!! I know where I want to go for dinner! :) Those old doors are my favorite part of the restaurant's decor too!

  2. Awesome walk through my favorite place to eat! I can taste it!! Thanks, Jessica!

  3. I work right down the street from you guys in Pacific and I've been to your restaurant several times! I love the decorations. You really made the place look so cute! :)


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