What A Day To Remember

Today was an emotional day for sure. One thing is for certain- I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! 

The Land of the Free & The Home of the Brave!!

I came across this touching video of remembrance of what happened ten years ago {Thanks Elisabeth!!}

Even though I was 17 years old, I will never, ever forget that morning. I had just gotten a new cell phone the day before {thankfully...because the mail service was stopped for a couple of days}, and was excited to start the first day of my senior year. 
I remember standing in my bathroom, curling my hair. My radio was on, playing a song, when all of a sudden Sam {of Scott & Sam}, cut the song and came on the radio. She was crying saying, "Oh my God, Oh my God. I can't believe this. A plane has just flown into the World Trade Center a few minutes ago...." 
I remember standing there in awe-not really sure if I believed it or not. Then a couple minutes later she screamed out "The other tower has been hit!" 
I was the only one up at the time, so I ran downstairs and woke my parents up, screaming "Oh my word, you've got to turn the radio on, two planes just flew into the WTC....you've got to turn your radio's on".
School ended up being cancelled for the day, and our family spent the rest of the day listening, crying, and talking about it. 
I've still never been to New York City, but I plan to someday, and knowing me, Ground Zero will probably be my first stop. I want to be able to experience the atmosphere for myself, knowing I will leave impacted and with a new appreciation. 

A lot has been said in remembrance of today, but also we can't forget our military servicemen and women who have lost their lives since that horrible day so we can continue to sing: 


Love to all

{On a side note: Please remember this family in your prayers. I personally don't know them, but follow Anna's blog. They lost their precious little boy in an accident a couple of days ago. I'm sure they'd appreciate all the prayers they can get. Dear God, I couldn't imagine.}

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