Fall Mantle {Take II}

We have been getting a few fall'ish weathery days around here lately {I'm so excited!!}

Since I posted about my Fall Mantle a couple of weeks ago, there's been a few slight 'tweaks' to the top. 

No, not much, but can you spot them?

I think I'm getting the decorating mantle thing too carried away...and unofficially declare to officially retire from decking this thing out any further!!

My mom brought back the metal 'H' from a trip and the bronze glass candle is a 'discovered' addition!!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hi Jessica,

    I love your Fall Mantle!!! Ugh, I wish our mantle wasn't in the "fixing-up" phase...that way I can dress it up as cute as yours! lol Right now, it's a big block of brick & panels {plus it's crooked}...ewww... ;) Anyway, enjoy the newly autumn weather!


  2. Cute. I like the lamps. Really adds a nice cozy touch.


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