It doesn't get much better than....FREE!!

Yup! I don't know many who wouldn't mind something F.R.E.E. in life...right?

Well, someone felt the need to give this away....FREE...to....US!

I tried to get the true color with my phone...{my camera is no-where to be found} it's more of a greenish gold in person...

We just had to go and pick it up...so wait maybe it cost us all of $7.40 {the price of 2 gallons of gasoline}

Well yes I'm not blind, it's not exactly the color I was going for in my living room, but for the price and necessity of needing something to sit on, it seems to work. 

I brought it home and gave it a good cleaning. I do not care for the color of the wood, and was thinking about painting it white to help offset the good 60/70's vibe it's giving. I do LOVE the shape and think it has good lines. There isn't anything major wrong with it. The buttons are all intact, the stuffing is still pretty firm, the cushions are very decent, and there isn't any odor {thank God!}, and with the exeption of two teeny tiny spots, the whole thing is free of rips and tears, and stains!

Phew...so I was browsing pinterest last night, and came across this photo. I almost jumped up and down in my seat! I LOVE this idea....and I know the colors aren't my colors for the living room, and I could get the same look with creams, and whites..but do you get it?

Found another one...not painted

The sofa's look pretty close to the same! Some day I do plan on re-upholstering this thing, but I think this will tide me over until then! 

All inspiration photo sources {via}The first two belong to me.

Have you ever got any awesome things for...FREE??? 

Thanks for reading today!!! 

Hugs, Jessica

Fall is just about 'officially' here....Tomorrow!!


  1. How freaking lucky are you!! That thing has beautiful lines. I think those pillows in cream will look amazing!

  2. what an amazing score! painting the wood white will give it just the lift it needs to make it look fab and current! :)

  3. Free is always good...I agree! I can't wait to see what you do with this sofa...love your inspiration pics so good luck!


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