I Have Issues...

I diagnosed myself with a problem....

I have CRAD......

Complusive. Re-Arranging. Disorder!

Am I alone?

In the midst of all my chaos in life, I like to make myself a little more work!!

I LOVE to rearrange, repaint, redecorate EVERYTHING!!!

My problem is being bored, I guess. {as if two children and all their stuff, a home to keep clean and orderly, church, and just life isn't enough!!}

I found I just can't sit still!!!

So! When I am in the middle of projects {like right now I have no dining room table, due to the fact that I decided I didn't like it white anymore...and I wanted it to look a little like this....}

And my living is torn apart, because I wanted a furniture arrangement with personality...{which involves taking down everything off the walls...etc}

Today? I am off re-hanging my frames, and art stuffs on the walls!!! {please help me pray I won't rearrange anything for a while!?} Dreaming of something like this:

Hope the rest of your Sunday is blessed!!!! 



  1. A lot of the time I feel like I want to do stuff to my house...I just never do it though. I can't commit to anything :)

  2. hi Jessica! I don't think you have CRAD;) I think you are just one smart woman. Decorating/Design is a learning process and I think what you are doing is just a form of self-teaching yourself what looks good and what you like to see in your house. I think those restless stages are growing stages. I've had them too and it was because I was searching for a new look and wasn't there yet. By you moving your furniture around you are teaching/training your eye about scale and proportion which is so important in having a restful space. I call moving things around (be it furniture or accessories) "playing"!!


    please give little Maci a hug for me and tell her that someone in New Hampshire is thinking of her today!

  3. Hello Jessica! Congrats on you Liebster Award! I was sent over by Lynne at Dreams on 34th Street. Glad she did, I can't wait to see what you post next! But I totally know what you mean about always rearranging and changing!! In fact, I have a living room wall painting marathon scheduled for this weekend!! :)

  4. You are not alone! Loved your inspiration too Jessica - just gorgeous!


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