Keepin' It Real!! {2012 Home Goals}

Well, I finally broke down and am deciding to post some 'real' pictures and let you all know {out loud...and publicize!!} what my goals are for this year.

The list could be longer, but for sanity reasons. I am gonna start 'small'!!

{please if looking at horrible photos and decor choices isn't your forte...and you have a weak stomach...please just don't read any further!!}

Since we rent our current pad, it does make it simpler for home decor {since we are not allowed to change anything...but our decor}.

1) I'll start with my bedroom.

There is reasons why I've never posted pictures regarding this room....

I've never EVER been happy with my decorating choices for this room.

{obviously haven't made anything decor wise ...just the dump pile area for the entire house}

{yes...it's gross}

Thank goodness for blogs and pinterest!!!

I've got my little ideas, sketched out and ready to go-

2) My front porch/stoop/stairs...
lol!! It really is not much of a porch...but it's still an easy spot to collect shoes...and rustic items...and apparently phone books... {seriously..does anyone use those anymore??}

Want to look like this-

Gonna need some mold/moss solutions...need to research something ecofriendly/safe for kiddos and people, like me, with severe asthma!! Thankfully there isn't any mold/mildew on the inside of the house...it's allll in the lawn and the exterior paint...hmm.

3) Do something a lot more ATTRACTIVE..with this corner...I'm stumped... 

I'm having piano placement issues....traffic flow is an issue...
Also the antique photos on the wall behind the floor lamp...need to be put somewhere else??
Need to do a wowzer affect with a piano bench...hmm

Again, thankful for some inspiration...from you know pin that interest!!

4) Bathroom...umphf schlumphf!!

Used to be browns and golds....back in the day...found awhile ago a white and gray dainty-ish shower curtain at Ikea for 10 bucks...so thought it would lighten up the space...yeah it does....but now needs a wow factor!
Needs storage/something above toilet...gotta get on that...


I LOVE this saying!!

Thankfully for me, I've got lots of paint, extra materials, and time!


The bedroom doesn't even look like the pictures anymore!! 

Already has been rearranged...and have more neato ideas up our sleeves...lets brake out the saws, hammers,  sewing machine and the paint brush!! 


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