Bedroom Progress!!!

Yay!! We spent most of the day this past Saturday painting furniture and rearranging our bedroom. It is by no way finished..but hopefully these photos will try and erase those awful before photos...I posted on the Nester's Home Goals 2012 party!!

I only wish we could paint the walls...someday we'll have a house we can paint to our hearts content!


Josh took a day a few weeks ago and converted an old nightstand into a little desk for us...

He originally painted it {an unusual} shade of brick/red/brown.....ummm!!!

You can see a peek of the color here:

I still have to do something with the bed... we have an idea of what we want to do above the headboard...most likely this weekend.

Haven't decided if I will paint the lamp white....maybe/maybe not

We also worked on making our version of pelham boxes {saturday}...just using free lumber from one of our neighbors...I am pleased with how they turned out...though I most likely will be painting them a softer white. 

My desk tray...

A couple close ups of the desk.. painted white with touches of a gold paint I had...along with some sanding to distress:

Off to finish dinner and get the grocery list together... a huge winter storm is expected to blow through tonight....need to get my pantry stocked...just incase!!! 

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  1. Lots of nice progress! Can't wait to see the finished room.

  2. Beautiful! I love that window box header. Great idea.

  3. nightstand to desk is soooooo clever! bravo.


  4. Oh I love the change you've made! The desk is just lovely! :) Take care and have a fabulous upcoming weekend!!!


  5. Looks like everything is coming along nicely! Hope you have a good weekend :)


  6. really great!!...nice to meet you...Mariaelena


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