My Girls Are Growing Up!!!

I asked my girls to make their beds this morning....
This is what I found-

Aren't they cute??? They were so proud of their beds!!
I think they did a pretty stellar job...considering they are 5 and 4!

This proud mama is gonna go make my hubby a peach pie...
Today is our eighth wedding anniversary!

Happy Tuesday!!



  1. Happy 8th Anniversary, Jessica. Those little girls did a really good job on their beds. Doesn't that just warm your heart? xo Diana

  2. Beautiful to all three. Bedrooms, bed, and wedding pic. And happy Anniversary!!

  3. Wow, they did a great job on their beds! How cute. Happy Anniversary to you...hope you have some hot plans :)

  4. How sweet that they did it all by themselves!! Happy Anniversary too!! (LOVE the dresser in their room) xoxo Rachel

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful couple!
    Your little dollies are the sweetest!
    I DO see that they are PROUD of their beautiful new bedroom! I also see that they have learned some of their Mommy's creative design process. I LOVE how they went so far as to prop up their pillows and arrange their dolls and stuffed toys. Too cute!

  6. Thank you all!! We had a pretty low key day yesterday!! We'll be celebrating our special day this weekend :) I LOVE the girl's bed making skills! I think they do too....I've made such a big deal about it, that they won't let me touch their beds now!! {yay!}


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