What's Your Number?

I mentioned recently...

I am a sucker for a splash of industrial.

I'm guessing that's reason I get all weak-kneed when I see something that has numbers?? {just kidding..well kind of}

I was recently mentioning something to my husband about decorating with numbers/sayings.


His reply?

You're going to put more words and numbers in here???

Ha! I love him :)

I don't have THAT many! {I'm not counting!!...no pun intended}

Saturday, I did this to a little piece of furniture that still needs work...gotta get handles on the thing-obviously, and let the paint finish curing before I set anything on it.

You probably have seen these plates in my dining room-

This next project took less than 10 minutes from start to finish {seriously!}
I've had some lightweight muslin totes in my fabric stash for quite some time.
Since my girls are old enough to carry their own toys and snack when we go out {like to church or clinic}
I figured we'd give this a try,

In all our switch-a-rooing around here, I took this shelf out of the girls room {will show you soon why} and decided to place in on the wall in the hall. Our hall is pretty wide and useable for how small it is. 
The space between the bathroom and the girls bedroom was a great spot for it. 

These cute little totes match the decor and are so easy to snatch while we are on the run, which is just about everyday!

I was thinking of putting our names on them, but decided since Maci was the shortest, I'd go for our birth year!!

Hey, maybe it will be a slight learning experience!! {clarify...the girls!! haha}

I have a few other numbers that mean something to me...

21 {the date of our anniversary-2/21}
01 {my birthday-11/01}
03 {hubby's birthday-10/03}
29 {maci's birthday-3/29}
22 {kenzie's birthday-10/22}
38 {the year our house was built}
13 {the anniversary/birthdate of me being saved-01/13}

Anyways! I've got a few different stencils and have to fight the urge to run around stenciling everything in sight...yah I'm a nut!

What numbers mean something to you??

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Have a wonderful day :)



  1. Jessica!
    Absolutely brilliant and darling!
    If you were born in 83...it's the same year as my daughter,Chrislyn arrived! We all must get together. I'm thinking one day in March.

  2. I love the birth years on the bags! I think that is a great way to have them take some responsibility and they look adorable without screaming "monogram". Maybe numbers are the new monogram?


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