Butcher It!!!

Haha!! Gotcha!
Since I am in an almost constant daydream about designing my 'future/non existent ((yet))' kitchen, I thought I would share with you a mutual wish between my husband and I. {{A design 'dream' we both agree on!!-yay!!}}

Butcher Block!!

We both for some reason absolutely love the idea of incorporating butcher block somewhere in our future {yep, non existant} kitchen.
Right now we have an old butcher block that weighs more than my family put together on legs {like a table} at the restaurant (looks kinda like this)

for...some kind of stand-ish thing we put stuff on!!

Well we both love it {did I already say that??!!} and my parents have one that's similar to the one pictured above kinda just sitting there in their garage...waiting for me to scoop it up and put it to good use!!

Here is some pictures of inspiration that I found here:

{This is kitchen comes from here}

I love different elements about each of these kitchen pictured.
 I know I will add my own twist to my own place when I find one that I fall in love with!

Thanks for looking today....Hope you all are getting a wonderful start to your summer!!


  1. What a cool idea, I would have never thought of using something like that! I can't wait to see what kind of house you guys wind up with. I know that it's going to be super duper cute.

  2. I love a beautiful island, and a butcher block sitting in your parent's garage...the perfect price and perfect in any kitchen!!

  3. That would look great. I once saw a really cool antique one and loved it instantly.


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