Mirror Mirror On The Wall....

OMG!!! Look what we found this weekend at a garage sale!! {actually, I didn't find it...my husband did!!}

We love mirrors around our house and I have been casually looking for a huge one..and it is even bevelled!!

Please excuse the little add-ons...they like to have their picture taken...anytime...anyplace!!
Also please forgive the poor quality photos, as I took these on my phone!

The best part...they were asking $60 which still is good..but my husband {who is a notorious jewer-downer} asked them if they would take $40 for it...and they said yes!
I still have to find a place for the hunka-mirror...but for now...it's a great full length mirror!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Bargin!

    What a fab find... are you keeping it black or is it a future craft project? Looks like it has bevelled glass too.

    Love big mirrors, they are great for adding impact to a room.



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