Vacationing...and RaNdOmNesS!!

Hello!! We are on vacation as I speak...I mean write!!

My mom took my sister and I (and the kids) for a mini stay at the ocean. It's been relaxing and a nice break. We are staying in a little cabin on the ocean. There's been plenty of refereeing kids, time to read, play and clean :). Lot's of time to dream about house planning and designing!! Speaking of which, we haven't found the perfect house yet, still looking, praying that we find the right one! I think that we've looked at every house listed on the market in the price range and area we want to move to...poor real estate agent!

This last week has been alot of fun. With the holiday, there was a couple extra minutes to spend some family time!

Sunday Josh and I took the girls to downtown Seattle to go up the Spaceneedle (if your Makenzie it's Space Noodle!!)

Snippets of our Fourth of July

My "Miss Sassy" Makenzie July Fourth Sunday (well the 3rd)

A random shoe picture...Makenzie and I

Since we are staying at the beach, I thought I would post some 'inspirational' beach decor. Being here make's me want to decorate a vacation home....ahhh someday!

Check out this chair:

Check out this chandelier {I think I would like to have this in Josh's future nautical office}:

Where we are staying, there is a quite large (for the area) antique store/mall. I took Maci with me and had a look around. They are a little too high priced for me...but oh well it was fun to look...until Maci started her little "Gimme" fits...While we were looking around...there was some pretty interesting things!!
More on that later...For some reason Blogger isn't cooperating with me for downloading all these pictures...
Big plans for this weekend...'shopping' the house for garage sale items...and more organizing..yay!!

Ha! This just randomly popped up (from my antiquing photos)
So shall we call this a 'sneak peak'? lol!

Have a wonderful day!!


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