New Plans....

Since things in our life has changed drastically this past week....it's probably a good thing we didn't buy a house and get locked into anything. Sooooo...since we will still have to move out of the house we are currently living in (with me now not working anymore, our income has...ahem...changed too!) So I will definately be doing the apartment thing for the next few months until Maci's better, and I will be able to work again.

These are kinda for inspiration for me...but if you'd like to look at it too...you're welcome to!!
I have everything for home right now, but I am someone who loves a nicely painted wall. I can't help it.
I'm also one who doens't know how to do anything but with allllot of color! So...all my stuff now?

Yuppers....PAINT!!! I'll just paint my furniture to get the colors I want in my 'temp' living situations...if that makes any sense.

{Check out that fixture!!}

Fun! I always enjoy a good excuse to get to decorating!

If you would like to follow Maci's progress, please visit her little blog:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. That is some great inspiration. The photo with the lady sitting on the couch is my absolute favorite house. I have the magazine with the article about it...love it.


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