We are now mobile!!

Yup!! I finally figured out how to my blog easier to for you to read on the go! I read blogs regularly and I noticed a few of my faves have enabled their blogs to be read easier on a mobile device....ahhhh! Very nice when all you have for internet access (well like me until recently) is your phone!
I know I know.....I am a little slow at figuring out computers..
So instead of waiting 3 1/2 years while you wait for a blog to load (or any other website content) on your phone...now it's super easy...and this is what it looks like!

Gotta love my screen shot...am still at the ocean with little or no service...it's more of an authentic vacation that way! Though we still have electricity!

We will be going home soon....
Back to the nice warm weather ..
It was beautifully sunny when we got here in Long Beach area Wednesday but pretty much one hour later the fog and clouds came in and have been here since!

Have a great weekend!

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