Canvas, Burlap & Ruffles!!

I have been trying to stay busy while being home...I rearranged my basement where now my sewing machine, hot glue gun and all my supplies are easily accessed!

I recently saw a tutorial on Miss Mustard Seed's blog {if you've never checked it out...you should!!} for making a ruffled tree skirt. Well, I decided to 'tweak' it and make my own version! I made a table runner instead. Currently it's adorning the piano...so who know's where it will end up next! It's an awesome concept, because the possibilities are endless, and if you're like me and have had buckets {literally!} of scrap material laying around...then this will cost you nothing but time!

I apparently had a ton of canvas drop cloths and burlap laying around, which is completely cool, because, I've made 4 giant {didn't mean for them to turn out so big} stockings, the really big table runner {measuring in at about 9 feet}, and 4 personalized 'mats' for my dining room chairs {more on that in a sec}.

{The stockings: from left to right- Union Jack Stocking [Josh's], Rosette's Stocking [Mine], Hearts with Ruffles [Maci's], Ruffles [Makenzie] }

{The 'mats' for the chairs- daddy, mommy, maci & kenzie. Just canvas, a tad of sewing {hemming} and a black sharpie marker. Since obviously these slipcovers are nearly white, and not so easy to put 'back on' after bleaching and washing, I was getting tired of seeing ugly towels for us to sit on, so why not make a 'matching' mat instead? To make it more fun, I thought the girls would enjoy taking their 'mats' to pick a chair to sit in!...Yes they love it, and it makes them more careful of spilling food on 'their name'!!!}

{Here is my giant table runner! It was soooo easy to make, I might make a couple more soon in different colors, and sizes!! All of this was hot glue...no sew! It took me from gathering supplies...um actually scissors and plugging the hot glue gun, to finish about 45 min. So if you love it, seriously check out that tutorial!! **HINT: I found 'heavy duty' strength hot glue sticks that I used for this project... the package read it was meant for even bonding wood, metal etc. They were fabulous!! I won't use another 'type' of glue sticks again! I can't even pull the material apart...it's super strong!}

There's a sampling of what's been going on around here! I did take a bunch of shots of my living room & mantle decor. The living room is done, just have to post it. The best thing about it? It didn't cost me anything!!!! Everything was house-shopped, and leftovers...just recycled!! Hopefully tomorrow, depending on how fast my internet decides to load the pictures!!

What about you guys? Who else was glad {happy!} to throw away the pumpkins-or mulch them, pack away the fall decor and get onto decorating for the next season and holiday??!!? 

Have a wonderful rest of your day!! 


  1. I LOVE that runner...and all glued??? amazing!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the table runner!! I am a new follower :0).

  3. Awesome frilliness! Luv it! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. So sweet and feminine! Your idea to have the girls choose their chair and sit on their name....brilliant! New follower.
    Audrey at elegant economies.blogspot.com

  5. Wow! This post is just filled with good ideas! I do love your table runner and the chair pads. I have never heard of the heavy duty glue sticks but I want to try them too. I am your newest follower. I saw your post over at "Masterpiece Monday".

  6. Love the ruffles! Amazing that it can be done with hot glue!


  7. Great job on the runner! Have fun filling those stockings!
    Your fireplace looks stunning!

  8. I agree your fireplace is beautiful. I want a flower place like yours.


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