I've been cooped up too long!! We've been here the last five days. I'm excited {much to my husband's chagrin} to get home and do some tweaking!! I've got a couple more things yet to do in the living room, then it will be done, until winter decorating :), got one {yes...one} more thing to do in the dining room. A couple tweaks in the bathroom, my room, and the girls room {exciting 'new' room arrangement idea...hopefully it will work out}.

I've been staying busy with other activities, tried to take it easy while Maci was in the 'easy' stage of treatment. This next 'intense' stage will start on November 17th. We will be stuck at home for two months, no going out in public {especially this time of year}. We have a lot of fun planned!!

Here is a little eye candy, {well I enjoyed it!} and hopefully can incorporate this kinds of things into the decor soon!!

Happy weekend!!


  1. Oh...sweet one...I have been following...I know you are in an intense mode right now. Thank you for stopping by today! Just wish for you to know that my heart and prayers are with you...all of you!


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