I couldn't go to sleep last night...so what do I do?
I grabbed my camera.
I know I said I wouldn't take pictures of my house, but here are some...pure randoms.
Hope everyone's day is going great!

Enjoyed my morning devotional from the Bible. We are reading the Book of Judges. Very interesting stories!

Maci asked me to read the bible to her a couple of mornings ago (we were in the Book of Joshua) and Makenzie piped up with..."Mommy, did you know my daddy's name is Joshua??" They enjoy hearing all the names and if it sounds a little funny to them they start giggling and try to repeat the names...I thought it's cute!

Front Door (I found the artichokes at Hobby Lobby in South Carolina and love them with the pheasant feathers)

Behind the sofa in the living room...I didn't photograph the scary Beethoven statue on this table. The girls always laugh and make fun of him..poor guy! They were just talking to him last night telling him how ugly he was!! Haha...my mom and grandma got him for me a couple years ago for my birthday...it used to be placed on the piano until my oldest knocked him off.
End table in living room. Pictured in the frame is my parents a long time ago (It was either right before they were married or right after)
After I downloaded this picture I realized my blinds on the right were still closed! But here is my piano...I love this thing. (Wish there was more time in the day to practice.)
Close up of the piano top arrangment. My girls and I are absolutely in love with anything french...ESPECIALLY the Eiffel Tower! We are going to go there SOMEDAY!!!

I know I'm weird!! I love chandeliers (I took a similar picture with my mother's chandelier). This is in my dining room above the table.

Right now I am absolutely in love with the glass jars. This is my current centerpiece on the dining room table. It gets tweeked every few days or so!

"Jill" Our huge Eiffel Tower! I saw this in Hobby Lobby in January while in South Carolina. Small problem? Wouldn't fit in my suitcase. Sooo I get home and look online...there she was!! I got her in just a couple of days. Someday hopefully we will get a HL in the Puget Sound area!

I saved the best picture for last! My two little lovies. Makenzie, my three year old, is on the left. Maci, will be five (time sure flies!) on the 29th of this month. It was raining this morning on the way to preschool so they had to have their unmatching raincoats! Also they were kinda decked out for Dr. Seuss's birthday!
Hope you all have a great day! Won't be posting tomorrow. I will be at work ALLL day!


  1. I really look forward to your blog....the house is Beautiful!!

  2. Loved your pictures! Very pretty... Especially the last picture!


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