What I'm Lovin' Right Now!

I have always liked peacocks since I was a little girl!!!!! I like the striking colors in their feathers, and of course the pretty 'eye'.

One of my regular customers, in fact, updates me on his 'adopted' pet peacock!! He lives in a neighborhood close by here, and says this bird loves his back deck and several other neighbors yards too!! Anyways, I loved their feathers so much that I used them throughout my wedding decor and continue to decorate with them throughout my home in arrangements and vignettes!

My grandmother and my mother use them too to decorate (my grandma has a stuffed one in her entryway). Here is a few shots of how we use them around the house, hope you enjoy them!
Sorry! I am having a little too much fun editing pictures! But this is an arrangement with a you-know-what stuck in the middle!

Peacock feathers aren't just for decorating your home in! How about wearing them??
You can find this beautiful top here.
I wouldn't mind wearing this scarf...
Or these shoes.... (obviously not all together!!)
I LOVE this purse!!
Okay!!! Well That's that! I hope you enjoyed it! Come back tomorrow I have some exciting news to share!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I agree they're not just for decorating the home. I have a huge tattoo of one on my thigh :)


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