What We've Been Working On This Week....{and a surprise announcement!!!}

It's starting to warm up around here!! I think spring is finally coming! This picture reminds me of spring time.

This is what we've (my mom and I) have been working on this week. I went ahead and snuck in a few pictures of my kiddos (who also 'helped' too this week!!).  We have been working hard trying to get some things ready for our first selling expedition!! We are going to have some things available to purchase at our church's Ladies Retreat March 25th and 26th. But for our special announcement? We will be launching our etsy shop April 1st! We are nervous and excited at the same time. We've gathered some vintage items and burning the sewing machine up. I can't speak for my mom, but I'm enjoying spending the time with my mom and my kids at the same time!! So here's a sneak peak of what we've been doing for the last couple of days!
{Vintage Hat Pins}

{Toile Apron}

{Some of our handmade pillows}
{My helper peeking at me through the blinds!}
{Maci and Makenzie the other day while we were sewing}

So there you have it!!


  1. I can't wait to see the items you put on your Etsy store! I have been wanting to put some things on Etsy but I am a little scared! Let me know how it works out!

  2. Love love your things. Great job!! I am not going to say I'm impressed because I know how talented & creative you are. Love love love !!!


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