Last Chance to Participate in the Giveaway!!!!

Today is the last chance to participate in the giveaway. How do you participate? Follow the directions listed in this post. Winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon. If you are on facebook, please share this post!
All day today we are sewing...pictures to come later! I am so excited about what we are working on! The weather is making me NOT want to sew, but go outside and play! But alas...I have TONS of work in front of me. I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday!
Here are some photos of inspiration!!
French Country Bedroom (Love the bed!)
Living Room-that's my dream couch!


Who wouldn't want to sleep in that bed!!! I am super like that bed crown! (The chair is pretty cute too!)

Ahhh! I am a warm color person...Like!!!

My absolute favorite architectual part in homes: Archways. My house I am living in now has beautiful archways similar style and coved ceilings... I really like the feel it gives a home. Very elegant but cozy at the same time!
If you want somemore great decorating inspiration please visit the Better Homes and Garden website!
Okay now to the sewing machine!!

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  1. My goodness...I just love the daybed and chair. I wish I had a room like that for Grace!! Beautiful pics!!


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