Giveaway Launch...

Thank you everyone for your nice comments so far!! I am such a nerd. I got up early this morning and got my little notebook out making 'notes' on all the posts I was going to write (eye-roll)!!! I have never done a blog before, but enjoy IMMENSELY (and follow) several myself. So here we go! I am launching my 'new blog' giveaway today.  See this post for details. Since the giveaway is my house favorite...Lavendar. I thought I would post a little something about...you guessed it! Lavender.
I love dried lavendar in little satchels, the scent from cleaning solutions, and candles! It smells so fresh and clean!

Lavendar has many uses! I was reading up on it and was amazed at some of the uses it has! It is used in cooking...like lavendar syrup in France, candied flowers in cake decorating, lavendar sugar, teas, they (some fancy chefs!) pair it with goat cheese???, scones and marshmellows! Lavendar is used for it's medicinal purposes, in aromatherapy (*hmmm), it has anti-septic and anti-imfammatory properties.

Don't forget to go to yesterdays post and leave a comment to be entered into the giveaway!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
*the first photo is from here
*the second is mine


  1. Adding a single sprig of Lavender to a tall glass of ice-cold Lemonade is also very yummy!

  2. Lavender is wonderful. I have it in my yard and I have lavender candles and oils in my bathroom.

  3. I some how missed this post! It's lavender?! Yea! I adore anything that's scented with lavender. My garden is lined with 8 plants and I plan on adding more, hehe. I've also got plants in front Of the house. Just love it!

  4. Love the first pic!

    I just visited your store! Congrats!

    Thanks for following me.


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